Whether your workspace is a full office, cubicle, home office, or tabletop this is your space – your home away from home. Make it tasteful, streamlined, and inspiring!

An inspiring workspace will help you focus and be ready to work when you sit down at your computer. If you find yourself sighing and dreading going there, some simple changes to “own” your space can change your outlook. Especially if they include things that have meaning and touch you in an emotionally positive way.

In organizing hundreds of offices and workspaces, I’ve discovered these 5 elements that can make for an inspiring environment. When any of these is out of balance, just making it “right” can change a person’s entire outlook. And they take so little time.

1) Pick Your Focal Point and Set the Tone
The main focal point of your workspace is what you first see when you walk into your workspace, usually the space above your desk or computer. It should be currently inspiring and calming.

Visual space sets the tone for your mental energy for your work. Make it clean and clear.  This should have a picture that sets the tone in style and color for your whole office, whether it’s a canvas print from a store, a landscape that means something to you, or simply a framed poster. Hang something inspiring!

2) Lighting is Key to Where You Work
Ideally, the lighting should be directly over your clear workspace in the center of your desk to help you focus. So often I see people working in a limited 15-inch space at their desk because that’s where their lighting is. If you’re crouched over your keyboard trying to do paperwork, readjust the lighting to have desk space to work on.

If you want a warmer touch or meet with clients, add a lamp with a shade to soften what could otherwise be a sterile workspace. Pick a lamp base with wood, metal, or a color that you like. Make your choices by asking, “What is my style that reflects who I am now?” Let that show up in your workspace.

3) Motivate Yourself with Visual Inspiration
Inspiration can be anything from a poster to family or friends’ photos with you in the picture. Frame these photos with a similar style of your workspace. Be sure to have a photo of your family that is no more than six months old so you don’t have to apologize for how outdated the photo is.

Sayings or prints with a positive, inspiring message are always welcome. If it’s corny or comical, put it behind a door so only you can see it. Remember, the goal is clear and clean workspace with a touch of class.

4) Personal Items Should Be Tasteful
Like social media, what you put in your workspace becomes public and others will make a judgment about you. It’s completely acceptable to include elements reflects your passions, a framed photo of a favorite vacation, or a saying that always inspires you. As a general rule if you have children’s artwork, put that on the side where only you can see it.

Questionable calendar photos should also be out of sight as well. Sports memorabilia is nice but should be limited to tasteful. What is tasteful? What both your boss and mother would approve of!

5) Posting Goals and Vision Boards
At a business place of work, posting framed company mission statements and awards you earned are entirely in line. In a personal workspace, you can post your goals where you can see them and be inspired. Better yet put them on your computer desktop so you see them every time you turn on your computer.

Today there are so many affirmation statements that are art worthy and attractive that you could also include one of those, especially on treating customers and clients well. People will appreciate this softer touch of humanity you display.

Finally, spruce up your surroundings with color, visual interest and inspiration to set you up for success at your desk. It’s easier than you think.

What could you clear out and clean up right now to make a difference?

Today’s Tip:

“Be selective about what goes in your workspace. Go through paper piles and become visually aware of office clutter. Clean it up and clear it out so you stay focused and inspired.”

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