Do You Have a Mail Pile? Watch This!

A Mail Pile can cause so much guilt, stress, and anxiety. Don’t let it! Learn my mail sorting tips right here. You’ll never have a Mail Pile you can’t handle in less than 10 minutes.

In this session you will learn How to Handle Any Mail Pile in 10 Minutes or Less …

Learn to sort the Mail Pile before it starts. You CAN take control … after all, it’s only paper and you’re in charge, just like I showed you in the video.

Here are the Tips for Opening Mail that I referred to with the Letter Opener:

Conquer Your Paperwork Daily

Before you set down a piece of paper, stop!

1) Review and recycle incoming papers. 70% of the pile (in-box) is now gone.
2) Do items that take five minutes or less NOW.
3) Finish the rest: mark your calendar, pay bills, file papers, and write a Master To Do list for tomorrow until your desk is clear.
You’re Done!


If you are not able to get your Papers or Office organized, I can Coach you through the process like I’ve done for hundreds of Clients across the country. Through Face Time and Skype, I have organized offices in as little as four sessions. Together we organize every paper pile and streamline your entire process so your office is clean, neat, and ready for anything. The relief is immediate and your productivity will soar!

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