10 Money Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift giving can be one of the biggest stresses of the holidays, but not anymore!

50 Money-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

Once you have a gift list full of ideas and gift-wrapping center set up, holiday shopping can begin to take shape.  This Free Download includes:

          1) The Old & New Way to get Wish Lists from Family & Friends
          2) The 10 Money-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas
          3) A Dozen Theme Ideas plus 30 more Gift Ideas
4) A Master Gift List to Checkoff when all Your Gifts Wrapped and Ready!

You’ll never be wondering what the “Perfect Gift” to get anyone is with these 50 Tips and Master Gift List!

Marcia Ramsland, Holiday Coach

Marcia Ramsland, The Holiday Coach, is the author of the holiday books Simplify Your Holiday Season and Simply December Devotions. She was a spokesperson for Sam’s Club as their Holiday Entertaining Expert. Visit www.organizingpro.com/holidays