Did you know the average person makes the SAME New Year’s resolution 10 times? I laughed when I heard that, wondering “How could people not reach their goals?” … until I took down last year’s calendar. Last January I had written a health goal to walk 4 times a week. And though I had programmed it into my phone as a reminder, I didn’t make it a habit no matter how many times it popped up! Can you relate?

THIS YEAR I’M DOING IT DIFFERENTLY. I’ll tell you about that on my free Conference Call.There’s nothing like data and an Accountability Partner, or Personal Coach to help you get there! What do you need help to achieve or overcome?

How to Reach Your Goals … and Make Them Stick!”  

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  What one thing on that list would you most like to overcome this year? You can! You just need to understand why it’s so much better to set Goals than to pressure yourself with a New Year’s resolution because …

      •  25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week.
      • 60% of people abandon them within six months.
      • Only 14% of patients after a heart attack make any meaningful change around eating or exercise.

Wow, those are sadly low success rates! I want to change that! So join our free Class that will tell you how to improve your success rate 100%! Let’s change that!

Today’s Thought:      

A Goal is a desired result with a plan to accomplish something of importance to the Goal Setter. Often a 1 time accomplishment that has lasting value and benefits.” In Class I’ll show you how to achieve your short term goals weekly to accomplish your long term objective.