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Business Training & Consulting

Full Day Sessions upgrade the whole culture of a business, Leadership Team, or organization. Bring Marcia in to do a training for your whole staff followed up by appointments with each person! Everyone benefits and your whole organization becomes more productive immediately. Full Days.

Business Training and Consulting Programs were Successful in this Sample List of Clients including:

* Kodak Marketing Department in Rochester, NY

* The First National Bank

* The U.S. Navy Women’s Program

* Gateway Church of Dallas, TX, 200 Staff

* Non-Profit Organizations of 100 Staff

* Wright College in Chicago, IL.

* E3 Partners Executive Retreat

* HCJB International in Colorado Springs, CO

* Dynalectic Contractors in San Diego, CA

* UFM Worldwide Leadership Staff

Note: Materials can be included for each participant including her business book, Simplify Your Time: Stop Running and Start Living. Apple UK bought a copy for each of its 52 Regional Managers. Simplify Your Time was featured in Office Depot’s Business Section.

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