Paper Organizing Made Easy Class

Did You Know . . . ?

* Before the pandemic only 1 in 4 people had a home office, but since then the number is close to 4 in 4 now?

* Very few people have been taught how to organize their papers and it causes them stress, especially financial stress?

* When you can’t find receipts, medical bills, and credit card bills easily it’s time to get a better organizing system!

No more! We can easily change all that in our upcoming class . . .

Paper Organizing Made Easy!

If you struggle with catching up on your paperwork, getting rid of paper piles, and finding the time to deal with files and notebooks, we have the solution for you!

I’ve found that people are significantly happier and more productive when they get their papers, desk, and office organized at home and work. I should know. I’m The Leading Online Organizing Coach and have been organizing offices across the country for years. No large or small workspace is impossible to organize!

Which of the Desks and Paperwork spaces below do you most identify with?

A Desk and Paper Cleanup Can Make Your Life so Much Easier!

I’ve coached these Class and Client workspaces  through organizing their your desks and papers. They feel relief and joy immediately.

#1 – A Kitchen Desk that Works! 

This radio participant was inspired by my on air coaching to get daily paperwork and scheduling under control. The change was dramatic with my 5 Folder system. It simplified all her colored post-its, folders, planners, and important papers. Voila! New ideas simplify old, cumbersome systems. Now it’s systematized and stays that way.

Paper Organizing

#2 – A Kitchen Counter Cleaned Up

Kitchen counter space often becomes the deposit for mail and daily papers, but it becomes a messy distraction for eating and getting the actual paper work done. The Solution: We found a desk around the corner from the kitchen to bring in the mail and process it there, not next to the kitchen sink! Once the habit was changed of dropping the mail off at the desk, paperwork got done faster and easier.

#3 – A Favorite Home Office

Roxanne was sure her problem was that she needed a new chair. Uh, no! I said she could get a new chair … AFTER she went through every paper in her home office. It took persistence and my action steps, but she got through it with the new chair in mind. Result? Not only did she get a lovely new chair, she treated herself to a new rug too. Now it’s her favorite place in her home. Once you do the hard work, paperwork can even become enjoyable!

What’s the Solution to Paper Frustration? Our “Paper Organizing Made Easy” Class!

Get organized with this Expert Course and set up lasting systems to stay that way! A total workspace reorganization will keep you on top of paperwork, email, To Do’s and Projects.

In this amazingly practical Course, you will…

* Learn the #1 way to get all your paper organized!

* Get ALL your papers organized with step-by-step training that works!

* Discover how to best use your desk time to get papers organized and to stay that way!

“Paper Organizing Made Easy” Course

Organize Your Desk, Office, Home Office, and Save Time Immediately!

You’ll get more done faster each day when everything is neatly organized and your Priorities are assigned Time Blocks each day.

“Paper Organizing Made Easy” Class Testimonials –>

“This course has helped spark and encourage me to take that one last step to be neat and orderly stay on top of things. Finding a space to set up a Personal Organizing Center (POC) with file folders and calendar, helped get rid of piles of paper, especially the in between “do later” things.” –Barb

“I organized my desk. It helps me balance my life! I have a plan and I know I will complete it.” – Ginger

My best experience of the course was the new habit of mail and clearing of paper. I maintained the discipline and my husband complimented me.” – Wendy

More “Paper Organizing Made Easy” Class Testimonials –>

“I organized my desk. It helps me balance my life! I have a plan and I will complete it.”

“I now have the habit of clearing my counter of mail and papers my husband complimented me!”

“My life changed for the better when I implemented mail and paper handling!”

“Setting up a Personal Organizing Center (POC) in a kitchen cabinet helped get rid of piles of paper, especially “do later”papers.”

“The best part of this class for me was Marcia’s motivation and having homework.”

“The best part of this class for me was to find out I was not alone!”

#4 – Maximizing Your Home Office

Fox 5 called me to meet them at a Home Office sight unseen to spend one hour organizing a home office while the cameras were rolling. I met them there and worked got to work with their client of choice. One hour isn’t long, but look at the difference we made! That’s what my Coaching can do . . . make a big change in a short amount of time. As the client said, “Now I can run my four businesses better!” Wow, four definitely were going to run more efficiently. Yours can, too!

#5 – Celebrate Your Success in Your Home Office

I love Tricia’s joy in her “After” picture in her Home Office. She works full time yet managed to squeeze in time to do the big cleanup of her Home Office that had collected “stuff” and never really been used as such. WooHoo, now it’s an office she can actually do taxes, pay bills, and handle the mail with my famous 5 File Folders. Time for the Happy Dance, Tricia!

Desk Before and After

The Live Class (Winter 2024)

$297(Regular $350)
  • This includes . .
  • Inspiring LIVE Class and Group Coaching each Week
  • Your Perfect Workspace Setup and All Its Papers Organized!
  • Membership & Coaching in the VIP Private Facebook Group
  • Action Steps & Motivation to get through Piles, Files, & Notebooks!
  • Accountability & Support to Take Action Every Week
  • A Bonus 4th Week 1-1 Coaching Session ($150 Value)

Premier 1-1 Coaching Sessions

$597(Regular $597)
  • This includes . .
  • Inspiring MasterClass Trainings to Handle all Papers
  • Your Perfect Workspace Setup and All Its Papers Organized!
  • Membership in the VIP Private Facebook Group 1-1 Coaching Session ($150 Value)
  • Action Steps & Motivation to get through Piles, Files, & Notebooks!
  • Accountability & Support to Take Action Every Week
  • Four 1-1 Coaching Sessions in Addition to the Class
  • Four Customized Action Plans with Detailed, Easy to Follow Steps
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My Promise

You will streamline your setup, clear your desk and workspace of excess clutter, and exclaim “I’m so productive. Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

In “Paper Organizing Made Easy Class” you will . . .

* Learn the “Right” Way to Setup Your Desk and Work Area to Save Yourself Time
* The How To’s of Organizing Paperwork

* The One Secret that Cuts Your Time in Half with Every Paper Pile
* How to Tackle a Daunting Backlog of File Drawers, Notebooks, and Boxes Successfully!

Register TODAY for immediate relief that ALL your papers will be easily accessible and your workspace clear and inviting. Signup now!

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker