The Premier “Garage Organizing” Coaching Course

Clear Out & Clean Up for Cash! * A 3-Week Online Coaching Class
Garage Organizing can help you find things faster, improve functionality, and even give you cash back! If it’s true, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” then it’s the perfect time of year to dig into garage organizing with a Master Plan for results.

It’s likely there are treasures (or trash) accumulating that could be recycled, sold, or donated. May is the perfect time of year to do a yearly garage cleaning, especially if it’s done by Memorial Day weekend.

Goal: Go through and do a major cleanout of your garage for cash and a clean functional place in just 3 weeks! You will learn to:

• Organize and Store Attractively What You Use Most
• The “Donate, Sell, or Trash” Slogan
• Park Your Car(s) Inside Easily

Garage Organizing Class Agenda

Week 1 ‒ Make a Plan and Pick Your Times

*Read Chapter 14 of Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland

• What Does Your Garage Say About You?
• Where to Start and What You’ll Need
• How to Get Family and Friends to Help
• Your 1st Project ‒ The Big Clean Out Begins!

Week 2 ‒Donate, Sell, or Trash for Cash!

*Apply the “Guy Wall and Gal Wall” of Chapter 14 of Simplify Your Space

• The Best Way to Label and Maintain Order
• How to Keep Going When There’s More to Do
• Putting Limits on What You Keep
• Your 3rd Project ‒ Pass the 10 Question “Garage Checklist”(page 143).

Week 3‒Organize & Label ‘Homeless’ Items

*Take the 10 Question “Garage Checklist” (Pg. 143) to see if you Passed!


• Progress Reports-Photos & Testimonials
• Collections ‒ Books, Magazines, Articles, Piles
• Putting Limits on What You Keep
• Your 3rd Project ‒ Limits & Beauty for Your Collections

To register for the course, the Early Bird Gets the Worm:

$89 “Early, Early Bird” Price through Tuesday, May 6 (8:59 pm PT//11:59 pm ET)
$99 “Early Bird” Price through Tuesday, May 6 (8:59 pm PT//11:59 pm ET)
$125 Regular Price after Wednesday, May 14

Organizing ALL Your Papers will organize your life so you never lose receipts, miss a deadline, and are easily ready for taxes! With 3 weeks in a group coaching session, you’ll learn how to organize your papers, magazines, books, and anything you can think of on paper, you’ll never have a pile again that you can’t conquer!

CLASS MATERIAL: There are 2 key chapters you will need in Marcia Ramsland’s book, I, which you can purchase HERE.

Once You Register You Will Receive:


1) A Link with the next instructions including listening to Marcia’s 1 hour Teleclass, “Organize My Garage.”
2) Handouts for “Organize My Garage” to start you right away.
3) Immediate access to send in your 2 “Before” Garage photos for Coaching.
4) Inspiration as to how to best get started RIGHT NOW!

Questions and Answers about the Group Coaching Course:


Question: What if I miss a Coaching Session?
Answer: If you miss one of the 3 Thursday class Webinars, they will be recorded and you can watch them the next day.
Question: After the Group Coaching Class is over, can I still access it?
Answer: Yes, as long as you do it promptly.

Coaching Class Testimonials

“Your enthusiasm and PowerPoint pictures really help to motivate me. Taking photographs of my space to send in really helped me to see how I make excuses for my clutter. I am so thankful to be taking this class because it makes me feel more worthwhile as a person and I’m happier.”
Sandy V. in San Diego, CA

“Thank you for giving me the confidence to have dominion over our home. I’m feeling more courage and authority to make decisions to improve our home and not feeling as guilty about getting rid of things. I’m learning that less is more!”
Betsy H. in Weston, FL

“Your book and the class encouraged me in a way that I haven’t been with other organizing people I’ve worked with in the past. Thank you very much for your practical and easy to implement approach!”
Susan T., San Diego, CA

REGISTER NOW and get ready for a BIG Garage organizing session at your house! Included is the teleclass you can listen to right away “Clean Out the Garage” ($25 Bonus Course!)

To register for the course, the Early Bird Gets the Worm:

$89 “Early, Early Bird” Price through Tuesday, May 6 (8:59 pm PT//11:59 pm ET)
$99 “Early Bird” Price through Tuesday, May 6 (8:59 pm PT//11:59 pm ET)
$125 Regular Price after Wednesday, May 14

I really hope you join us!
Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro
Speaker * Author * The Organizing Coach
(858) 217-6320 * San Diego, CA

P.S. The best way to start and finish a project is with a friend or neighbor so forward this and ask them to join you for a 3 week blitz on your garages together. It will be fun! Invite them right now.

Marcia Ramsland is well known as the “Organizing Pro” for her practical skills and tips. She is an entertaining speaker, author of over 100,000 books sold, and an Organizing Coach. She’s appeared in Better Homes and Garden, Real Simple magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and Martha Stewart radio. Hundreds of clients and audiences from New York to California agree with her that anyone can become more successful in life with new ideas — even YOU!