Have you ever thought of writing a book? From the First Word to the First Sale there’s a way! There’s no time like the present. But where do you begin?
The first step is to get setup correctly and know where you are going. Don’t write a word until you take this course!


How to Write a Book:
From the First Word to the First Sale!


Learn from successfully published author of over 100,000 sold copies, Marcia Ramsland, the step-by-step directions to:

* Choose a Catchy Title and Subtitle that will Sell Your Book

* Set Up a Great Outline to Keep You on Track

* Organize Your Writing Space for Minimal Distractions and Maximum Inspiration

* Pace Yourself to Write Regularly

* Get a Team in Place to Overcome Writer’s Block

* Learn How to Market Your Book so Everyone Will Know about Your Book

Learn the entire process “From First Word to the First Sale!”


What do You Get from this Course?


* 1 Hour Rich, Detailed Content with this Online Class

* 30 Minute Personal Consultation afterward on your Personal Writing Project!



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