“Prepare Your Heart and Home for the Holidays!”

A Holiday Keynote with Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Speaker, and Author of Simplify Your Holiday Season & Simply December Devotions

To prepare your heart and home for Christmas, it takes more than giving presents and decorating! Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, will inspire your audience to simplify their activities and learn practical tips to prepare their heart and home for the holidays.

5 Reasons for Marcia Ramsland to be Your Speaker!

Your Audience will agree with the following:

1. Simplifying is Essential to Celebrating Fully!
To create a peaceful and less stressful time celebrating the joy of the season, we MUST learn how to simplify it! Christmas is the busiest time of the year, but we can enjoy the busiest time of the year without feeling overcommitted or underprepared.

2. A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words.
Marcia’s unique Powerpoint slides inspire women to simplify everything from gift giving, decorations, calendar clutter, and holiday expectations while still finding personal time for themselves and their families.

3. Knowledge is Power.
Discover why the  holidays will be more stressful than normal with Marcia’s Calendar Calculations. (i.e. Thanksgiving comes late this year so there is one less week to prepare for Christmas. Yikes, everyone will need help!)

4. Laughter is Good Medicine.
An elbow nudge with a neighbor builds goodwill as Marcia shares tips and humor to quick cleanup your home for the coming holidays. They will come away saying, “I can do that!”

5. Preparing Your Heart is as Important as Preparing Your Home!
Marcia’s closing focuses on the message changed hearts in the Nativity Scene figures that:
“God’s desire is to make Christmas not just an event, but a relationship Jesus every day of the year. Christmas is all about the good news of a changed heart!”

BONUS: A Take Home “Simply December Devotions” booklet for Every Woman!
This purse size daily devotional for each woman to take home and share with her family will help her stay calm and be prepared to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

BIO: Marcia Ramsland is well-known as the “Organizing Pro” for her practical skills and tips to manage busy lives. She is an international speaker and media personality appearing on TV, radio, and national magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple magazine and Martha Stewart radio. She wrote Simplify Your Holiday Season and was Spokesperson for Sam’s Club Holiday Entertaining program. She is the author of Simplify Your Life, Simplify Your Time, and Simplify Your Space. She believes with new ideas and working smart, anyone can get organized and simplify their life. Visit Marcia at www.OrganizingPro.com

Meeting Planner Testimonials • Groups Loves Marcia

“I loved Marcia Ramsland the first time I met her. She had such fun, simple and practical ideas to help make life less complicated. Sitting through a seminar with her gave me a very hopeful feeling that help was on the way. She demonstrated that by making a few simple changes in daily routines, life could be more organized and a lot tidier.”
—Mary Graham, President of Women of Faith

• Engaging, Warm and Personal

“It is my pleasure to recommend to you, Marcia Ramsland, Organizing Pro. Marcia spoke at our groups and was a big hit. Her manner is engaging, warm, and personal. The overall sense at the end of her presentation is: “I can do this… I WANT to do this.” I would invite Marcia back in a minute and highly recommend her.”
—Nell Sunukjian Director of Women’s Ministries Fullerton EV Free Church, CA

“Marcia Ramsland is a fabulous speaker! Our Women’s Ministry had the great pleasure of reaping from her wisdom and humor, and gleaning valuable helps from her captivating topics. She received a hearty “welcome back” response.”
—Stacey Lindsey, Faith Chapel Event Coordinator

“Whatever the event may be, I highly recommend Marcia Ramsland as a speaker. Having Marcia speak at our Spring Women’s Tea was a wonderful addition to the afternoon. Her simple and encouraging method was a refreshing way to be motivated to clear out the clutter in one’s life, both physically and spiritually. For many, her excellent powerpoint presentation, audience participation, tips and humor helped inspire women that they CAN DO THAT! For others, she affirmed and encouraged them to go to the next level in their organizing skills.
Marcia is a pleasure to work with and I know she will be a welcome highlight to any special event. Thank you again for your insights and the lovely afternoon.”

—Sheri Price, Interim Women’s Ministry Director
Skyline Church, La Mesa, CA

To inquire about speaking dates and Marcia Ramsland’s availability for speaking to your group, contact:The Organizing Pro & Co. Office
(858) 752-7707
San Diego, CA (PST)

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