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Are you waiting out this season of COVID-19


are you moving ahead with a NEW NORMAL?

You don’t have to just SURVIVE,
you can truly THRIVE!

It occurred to me that I could be of help to you by offering support with all my Organizing Skills organizing your time, home, family, and life.

So I’ve created this “Pop-Up” weekly class to encourage and teach you how to not just Survive, but THRIVE during this time of being at home.

“THRIVE in Your New Normal Life” (during COVID-19) will support you to productively manage your time, work, meals, and family life, including organizing projects that will enhance your life even after this season.

You’ll be able to move ahead in life weekly with teaching, coaching, and support! And fun!

In this weekly Course I will . . .

  • Teach a new Time and a Home Organizing Concept each week
  • Coach through the Class “Before” Photos in our VIP Private Facebook Group
  • We’ll focus on personal Time routines and Home Organizing Projects that enhance your home & life!
  • Answer questions and the group will offer help as well.
  • You’ll have the Class Replay recordings available.

Here is the Replay of the Free Webinar with
“5 Tips to Thrive
and Not Just Survive the New Normal.”

In “Thrive in Your New Normal Life” I’ll teach skills that are eluding so many people right now including . . .

  • Time adjustments to be productive in a new way
  • What to do when you’re interrupted (and how to stop that)
  • Home management tips: how keep the clutter away that is creeping in.
  • Organizing projects: how to use this unexpected “Bonus” time at home.
  • Answering questions and the group will offer help as well.

PLUS beyond the LIVE weekly Class . . .

  • We will have the weekly Class Replays available.
  • Our Private Facebook group will be a place to check in weekly
  • We will have the accountability of weekly “Before” photos and Coach you all the way through getting it Done!

THE KEY to staying organized and not falling back into old habits


You’ll look at your home, your time, and your life differently and you’ll know how to take successful steps right after this webinar!

Marcia Ramsland, The Leading Online Organizing Coach

Getting organized is the quickest way to reduce uncertainty
and move into calm control.