Write Your Book Like a Pro

Have you ever thought of writing a book but wondered how to do it?

Learn the entire process successfully “From First Word to the First Sale”
with Best Selling Author, Marcia Ramsland.
Don’t waste time. Get step-by-step advice to save you time & get your book in print!

Successfully published author of over 100,000 copies sold, Marcia Ramsland, will teach you the same material she has taught in Writing Conferences across the country the step-by-step directions to:

* Choose a Catchy Title and Subtitle

* How to Create a Killer Book Outline and Chapter Titles

* Set Up Your Writing Space so It Inspires You

* Organize Your Computer Writing Files

* Pace Yourself to Write Regularly

* One Sure-Fire Method to Keep Yourself on Track

* The Best Group to Join and Share Your Writing Progress

* How to Market Your Book So It Sells!

Save yourself time and wasted effort by learning the system to “Write Your Book Like a Pro!”
This is perfect to save you time and effort by starting out right!

BONUS! Includes a 1-to-1 Coaching Session with Marcia Ramsland on your book idea! (45 minute session)


We suggest you print these to take notes from this class.(4 pages)
Download  How to Write a Book – Download 4 pg  with Marcia Ramsland


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