A “Year End Office Clean Up” is the best gift to give yourself to end the year. It’s a time to bring closure to the old year and really start fresh for the New Year! It’s quite exhilarating to recycle old papers, trash old projects, and start with a clean slate.

All year I  Coach high achieving business owners, entrepreneurs, and  busy people through my Fast Track Office Cleanup. It works! In just 3 strategic Coaching sessions, we can get your office cleaned up and ready for a fresh start, too.

“The Year End Office Clean Up”

Option 1: Clean Up Your Work Place Office

As a Professional Organizer and Business Coach I’ve often organized client offices during the week between Christmas and New Year’s since so few people are in the office. My clients are able to focus on organizing and are dramatically more productive when the new year begins. It’s worth heading into work for one day to get the office cleaned up. Investing in this Coaching Time for your peace of mind is worth Gold!

 Option 2: Clean Up Your Home Office

Even at home your computer area or home office paper piles need the same cleanup treatment. Get paper piles carefully dispersed, projects listed, a clean desktop, and your In-Box cleared up. Nothing starts the new year better than a clear desk and work surface. It clears your mind, too!

PLUS: Clean Out Your Email In-Box

As part of my Year End Office Cleanup, we will clean out your email inbox and setup new systems for “Email Freedom” going forward. What a relief to get email cleaned up for the New Year!

The Results?

Investing in yourself by cleaning up the past year in your office will be the single most effective way to make a positive difference in your life for the new year. We will collaborate on mutually agreed upon  Coaching times to equip you with a strategic fresh start for the New Year.

1-1 CSThe Year End Office Cleanup includes…

 Private 1-1 Coaching with Expert Marcia Ramsland

* 3 Coaching Sessions 1-1 with you and Marcia
* 3 Step-by-Step Written Action Plans after Each Session
* Accountability to Complete the Tasks (You’ll get them done!)
* All your Questions answered and More…
* Lasting Systems to Support You Going Forward

All this happens at mutually agreed upon times via Face Time or Skype. You’ll experience what all my Clients always say … A BIG RELIEF that everything is organized and buttoned up!

NOTE: This is only a December Year End special offer price as my regular fees are three times as much during the year. I do this as my way to give back at the holidays and invest in your success for the New Year. Don’t miss this opportunity!

fullpaypink       OR        planpaypink

$297 Pay in Full or 3 Payments of $115

I want you to have the most relaxing year end without worrying about what you didn’t get done at work last year. So signup and we’ll set up our first Coaching Call. We’ll get this done together!

Cheering for your success,
Marcia Ramsland

P.S. You’re about to begin a new year! Let go of the old and get ready for the new by organizing your surroundings. Begin with controlling your space and belongings and you’ll find the next year more efficient and effective.

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