1-1 CSA one-time Coaching session may be just what you need to give you the strategy to take focused action. This Introductory Session will get you launched and answer your questions for your Next Steps. 1 session for new customers (45 minutes) with Questionnaire and 1-1 Coaching.

Clients maintain what they have setup with her present and their productivity is dramatically increased! Marcia Ramsland’s In Person Coaching are best for:

Home Office Organization
• Paper and Email Organization
• Customized Time Management SkillsPinkRegisterHereButton
• Project Management (Home Organizing Projects or Business Projects)
• Website Branding and Marketing


Client Testimonials for In Person Coaching

Home Office – Organizing and Time Management Coaching

     “When I gave up my full time job to launch my practice, I was suddenly faced with the challenges of working from a home office. It was time to rethink how I was going to manage my time, my space, and projects under “the new normal.” The truth is that I was stuck and needed help. In one morning Marcia saw exactly how to rearrange my office and create a weekly schedule for my multifaceted roles. The results were immediately tangible: more productivity, efficiency, and creativity. As an executive coach and consultant, I understand the value of investing in coaching to maximize one’s potential. Two years later, I’m still benefiting from Marcia’s help!” 

-Maria Keckler, Communications Consultant & Executive Coach* www.SuperbCommunication.com

Office Organizing- Professional Organizing

     “My life was so busy at work with creative projects that my flat surfaces (including the floor) were piled with papers and boxes. Sure, I could find things relatively quickly, but there was a lot of stuff I had no place to put, nor the time to go through. In just one visit Marcia skillfully and quickly guided me through the sorting process until it looked amazing! I made decisions to toss, return, and file items to find clear space faster than I’ve ever done. I’m happier and my colleagues were impressed. It felt so much better to have clear space and be more productive immediately! When you first came, there were several massive piles on my office round table. I have, for many months, kept it clean—as you directed. Thanks, Marcia!

-Jon Gauger, Special Projects, Moody Radio * www.mbn.org

Time Management ‒ Personal Coaching

     “It’s been wonderful to benefit from Marcia’s Phone coaching on Time Management. She is a patient and insightful listener and has personalized our coaching time to address my areas of challenge. I have gained a more realistic perspective and learned new skills about establishing a comfortable and productive daily and weekly schedule. I learned how to limit my errands and how to adjust to my husband’s varying schedule as an Anesthesiologist. I now have a time for my Projects in my week that I never seemed to get to! I’m thrilled.”
I truly appreciate your expertise and kind encouragement.” 

-Lynn McPherson Tweedie, Maine * Doctor’s Wife

How do I Know if Coaching is Right for Me?

To decide if Coaching with Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, is right for you, ask these 3 Questions:

1) What one area of my life right now feels disorganized and leaves me feeling stressed and behind?

2) What is the disorganization or unfinished project costing me in time, money, and self-esteem?

3) When am I going to fix it and leave this problem behind me?

If your answers show you are ready to make a change, Marcia’s here for you!