“30 Days to Boost Your Productivity and Profits” is for the business owner, entrepreneur, or company looking to achieve better workflow and productivity. This includes company training as well as my personal, 1-1 Coaching to raise the level of performance by everyone on your team!

As a Business Coach, I’m offering this Fast Track 30 Day Business Coaching for the established Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Business Professional to improve productivity and profits in the shortest amount of time. By streamlining your workspace, time management skills, financials, and project implementation you will soar quickly! 1-on-1 Coaching with me personally, online training, and strategic ACTION PLANS with accountability will upgrade your business life immediately.

I’ll coach you virtually by Face Time or Skype to boost your productivity and your profits will follow! My customized Business Coaching will make the most of your limited time in your unique business situation. You will walk away empowered to achieve more once you go through this unique program. You will never go back to chaos or overwhelm once you have these tools. You WILL boost your productivity and increase your profits from now on!

30 Days to Boost Your Productivity and Increase Your Profit$

Each week includes 50 minutes of private, personal Coaching 1-on-1 with Business Coach Marcia Ramsland to strategically boost your business productivity and increase your profits. These private, personal Business Coaching sessions just for you and your business with Marcia 1-on-1 are priceless to strategically look into your business! She is focused, insightful, and gifted at providing solutions that you can implement immediately to boost your productivity and increase your profits.

Week 1 – Skyrocket Your Time Management Skills

  • Time Management Analysis
  • 168 Hour Time Tracker
  • Time Tool Upgrades
  • Productivity Evaluation

In this Week’s Coaching you will learn the necessary Time Management systems that are “Musts” for being productive and efficient. In your Personal and Private Coaching Call with Marcia you will get personal attention to how to get the best out of time systems you are using and how to improve your use of time, including her famous 168 Hour Time Tracker. You will KNOW and be able to focus on the important in a brand new way.

Week 2 – A Top Notch Workspace Boosts Productivity Immediately!

  • The Efficient Desk & Office Setup
  • Time & Paper Collaboration
  • Bulls Eye Office Efficiency
  • Project Management

In this Week’s Coaching you will discover office setup systems that will save you time by streamlining the setup of your office and workspace in particular. In your Personal and Private Coaching Call with Marcia afterward you will get a specific ACTION PLAN to implement your changes.

Week 3 – Financials & Profit Strategies

  • Financial Habits to Layer into Your Time Systems
  • Systematize Your Business Financials
  • Working Financial Organization and Upgrades
  • Plans to Roll Out Increasing Revenue Streams

 In this Week’s Coaching you will take a deeper look at Financial Accounting both professional and personal. What worked before may not be working now. In your Personal and Private Coaching Call with Marcia you will get a specific ACTION PLAN to implement necessary financial tracking and upgrades that will enhance your savings and profits.

4_systemsWeek 4 – Systems You Must Have to Dig Deeper and Rise Higher

  • Strategize Your Next Level Goals
  • Organize Your Email, Computer Files & Social Media
  • Setup Support Networks to Skyrocket Your Success
  • Create a Master Plan Seasonally for You and Your Business

 In this Week’s Coaching you will take a deeper look at your digital files, Email management, and social media strategies to market your business. In your Personal and Private Coaching Call with Marcia you will get seasonal Income Plan for your business and savings. Everyone needs a Plan for success!

Coaching Testimonials

“I started working with Marcia to learn tools to better manage my time so I could be more strategic and less reactive. In our Coaching together Marcia helped me develop concentrated times to focus on strategic projects, networking activities, client meetings, and deliverables. I feel more in control and a lot more productive!

“She was extremely helpful in helping me think of ways to market my business. She gave great tips and suggestions for marketing leave-behinds when I was at a speaking engagement. Our calls were endlessly productive — we would tackle time management, business marketing, and even personal organization in one session! Marcia is warm and has a very calming presence. I would recommend Marcia to anyone who is looking for a smart thought partner and Coach. She challenged me and I always walked away feeling energized and ready to tackle many projects.”

Jennifer Bevan, MBA, PCC
Executive Career Coach and Founder of Path Relaunch

“Transitioning from my former 11 year career as a Radio City Rockette (where my time was tightly managed and my responsibilities were straightforward) to owning my own business, I was feeling complete chaos. I lacked discipline and motivation, I was unproductive, my schedule was all over the place, and I felt overwhelmed and stuck all the time!

“Since working with Marcia, my business has taken an unexpected, positive turn. I now love what I’m creating, and I feel it reflects who I truly am. I’m attracting new clients, new energy, and wonderful relationships since working with her. Marcia is an encouraging Coach, but relentless. No coach has held me this accountable for my dreams and progress quite like she does. My advice “ work with her immediately!”

Jen Fiandt
Health Coach and Movement Expert

“When I gave up my full time job to launch my practice, I was suddenly faced with the challenges of working from a home office. It was time to rethink how I was going to manage my time, my space, and projects under “the new normal.” The truth is that I was stuck and needed help.

“In one session Marcia saw exactly how to rearrange my office and create a weekly schedule for my multifaceted roles. The results were immediately tangible: more productivity, efficiency, and creativity. As an executive coach and consultant, I understand the value of investing in coaching to maximize one’s potential. Two years later, I’m still benefiting from Marcia’s help!”

Maria Keckler
Communications Consultant & Executive Coach

“30 Days to Boost Your Productivity and Increase Your Profits” includes:

  • PreAssessment Questionnaire – You will be able to share your current situation and what your specific needs are so we can be strategic about your work right from the start!
  • Setup Call with your four Coaching Dates – This setup Face Time Call with Marcia will go over your Questionnaire, we’ll cover how the course works, answer any questions, and setup the Coaching dates at mutually agreed upon times in advance.
  • Four One-on-One Coaching Calls – Your Coaching Calls are strategic to brainstorm and strategize problem situations and implement the topic of the week – workspace, time management, financials, planning systems.
  • Four Customized ACTION PLANS – This is where the magic happens during the Coaching Calls! You will have a custom plan after each Coaching Call that Marcia personally types and sends to enhance your notes from the Coaching session. It is easy to follow and makes a world of difference in the 30 days.
  • The Course Book: Simplify Your Time:Stop Running and Start Living will be your “textbook” that will give you thorough information. Simplify Your Time was featured in the business section of Office Depot and APPLE in the UK called Marcia personally and asked for 52 copies, one for each Regional APPLE Manager! You’ll also receive a download PDF for the workspace setup from Marcia’s other books.
  • Four Online Virtual Training Classes – These Webinar classes will be viewed each before each Coaching session so you have been trained and focused with visuals on exactly what can be done on the topic of the week.
  • Weekly Accountability for each Lesson Before each Coaching call you will email your progress in photos or other assignments the day before so we can move to the next level in your Coaching during our sessions.
  • A Followup Call Afterward – I’m committed to your lasting success and we will do a followup call at an agreed upon time to make sure the systems are maintained and progress continues. You are also welcome to continue with Advanced Business Coaching until your goals are met.

Chart-BusCchg1500Join my 1-on-1 Business Coaching and get a jumpstart on your personal productivity to bump up profits with clear, weekly ACTION PLANS. After organizing hundreds of businesses and individuals for the past three decades in person and online, I am very strategic and quick at upgrading your systems and making your business life more productive and on track.

PAY in Full PE orScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.41.38 AM

$1,497 or $520 each

By the end of our 30 Days of Coaching, you will have:

  • Clarity on how to maximize your time productivity each week
  • Relief knowing everything is organized and buttoned up each day
  • Weekly Action Planning Skills to move forward in your business
  • Peace of mind knowing your financial habits are in order and growing
  • A life ethic that maximizes your work productivity and balances your personal time

You’ll save time and money, clients will come your way, and your revenue will reflect your new skills. This 30 Day Business Course with Personal, Private Coaching with Business Coach Marcia Ramsland will do just that for you!

We do this together with the private 1-on-1 Coaching tailored just for you and your business. I will provide the clarity you need to rise to the next level of productivity, profits, and new skills. And as they say, Clarity attracts Cash!

You are gifted, hard working, and made for more strategic work, not more work. Soar beyond the glass ceiling that’s holding you back by registering today!

Marcia Ramsland, Business Coach for Productivity and Profits
(858) 752-7707 * San Diego, CA