Welcome to “How to Reach Your Goals… and Make Them Stick!”GOALS-Rectangle.

The Class link, the 2 page handout, and the Goal Setting 5 Questions are all on this page. Make this part of your “Sunday Setup” for a Successful Week ahead  – every week. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

HANDOUT: Print the 2 page “7 Day Goal Calendar” HERE

Listen to the “How to Set Your Goals Class” HERE

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The 5 Questions to Ask to Choose a Weekly 7 Day Goal are:

1. What am I tolerating that needs to change to make my life work better?
2. What do I want to change? How long has it been this way?
3. Who will benefit from this change? (I hope YOU!)
4. What will it cost if I don’t make this change?
5. How will I feel once it’s done? (Most likely a BIG RELIEF!)

MARCIA pink headshot with white backgroundP.S. Practice the  “Sunday Setup” by writing one personal and one business goal per week! These “Above and Beyond” weekly goals will improve your life successfully.

Cheering for You to Write and Successfully Reach Your Goals,
Marcia Ramsland, The Leading Online Organizing Coach for Business & Life Success!