David & Marcia 50 year anniversary

We’re Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage!

Yes, David and I are celebrating 50 years of marriage … and we don’t even feel that old! Can you celebrate with us? 

We were married June 16, 1973, after meeting in high school and dating on and off for 5 years. On the day David graduated from Northwestern University in the morning (at two graduation ceremonies), we got married at 6:00 that night. Or we were supposed to.

But there was a tornado in Wisconsin and trees were across the road so the ceremony was delayed 30 minutes so people could get there – including the groom! The wedding was beautiful with six bridesmaids and six groomsmen, David’s Dad and Marcia’s Pastor officiating, and a soloist and organ

The wedding was the last event in Marcia’s childhood church before the stain glass window at the front of the church was removed and moved to the new church the Monday after the wedding.

A Memorable Reception – The electricity was out and the cake fell! But our friend grabbed each of the cake layers and safely put them down! My parents (Marcia’s) had made 100 ceramic angels with two candles each as a hobby to give as gifts to business associates at Christmas. They were the centerpieces at each table and were perfect since there was no electricity! Two hundred guests were delighted with the candlelight room.

David and Marcia Wedding-Aisle Walk

I love the smile on David’s face and his arm holding me! He’s always taken good care of me from that moment on through all 50 years! After our wedding, everything has been better together!

David and Marcia Wedding Car

We were so happy to be married even leaving in the rain to drive to O’Hare and fly to California on a Red Eye for our Honeymoon. It was wonderful to be together!

Marcia’s Parents were Married 62 years!

Mom and Dad - The Angels
Mom and Dad - The Angels

Marcia’s Parents made the ceramic angels that were at the wedding and at the reception. Their ceramic hobby was a joy to everyone who was blessed to get a pair of their white angels!

Mom and Dad were married 62 years and provided me (Marcia) and my brother with a wonderful example of marriage, hospitality, and faith. They lived on the lake in Lake Geneva, Wis, and that’s why all our family swims, water ski’s, and ice skates!

Marcia’s Grandparents were also Married over 50 Years!

Grandpa and Grandma 50th Anniversary
Grandma & Grandpa's 50th Anniversary

Marcia’s maternal Grandparents were married over 50 years, too! They lived in Chicago and Grandpa worked at the Chicago Tribune. Ironically Marcia won a writing contest and had the article printed in the Tribune after he passed away. And David was a newspaper carrier in Chicago when we was 10 years old. Grandpa and Grandma had a summer house on Lake Geneva and we all loved getting together there.

Grandpa and Grandma’s 50th Wedding Celebration was a big family event! I (Marcia) remember making 50 Kleenex roses on a wired stem by folding a tissue and fanning it out. Of course Grandpa got Grandma 50 long stem red roses as he often did. And did you see the little girl in the front? That’s me (Marcia). David and I were blessed to grow up in families that loved to get together.

Thank you for sharing our 3 Generations of family married over 50 years! David, we made it! May the Lord bless us with many more to come as He has faithfully done already.

My maid of honor, Joyce Klemm, wrote recently “You had a wonderful wedding and an enduring marriage. Congratulations!”

Thank you for being encouraged by our Good News Celebration.