Watch the “Blueprint Bootcamp” Replay!

I offered the Free “Blueprint Bootcamp” webinar to you since you already purchased or received as part of a course the “The Organize Your Day Blueprint”

This is a 1 session Bootcamp with me to motivate and guide you how to implement the Blueprint into your life.

Why did I do this? Of the 240 people who have the Blueprint, only 10% have completed the course. Yikes! It’s such a life-changing course that I don’t want one person to miss the valuable information! So I want YOU to be a “Finisher” and benefit immediately from this life-changing course.

Watch the Webinar right now and watch your day begin to easily flow getting things done without stress.

OUR PROMISE! You’ll look at your home, your time, and your life differently and you’ll know
how to take successful steps right after this webinar!

Meet with Marcia

The Organize Your Day Blueprint . . .
and then Schedule Your “Meet with Marcia” Session

Schedule your “Next Steps” Strategy Call! I’ll listen to your situation, ask questions, and guide you into practical next steps for your next level. You are important, busy, and talented. I’d love to hear about your situation and guide you into your next steps.

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August is Photo Organizing Class!
Class Begins Wednesday, August 4

This exciting, practical Course will guide you through organizing your photos, choosing a photo project (or more than one), and finishing it!

With step-by-step training, a Private Facebook group to post your progress, and the momentum and motivation of committing to your project, you’ll get your photos organized and into a completed project!

You’re going to save time using the Blueprint, but mostly you’ll be so RELIEVED! You’ll be Proactive, not Reactive, every day going forward. It’s a calming way to live.

Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Life Coach

“Getting organized is the quickest way to reduce daily chaos and move into calm control.”