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Do you hope that someday you’ll get your photos organized?
The time has come and we can do it together!

Join our “Photo Organizing Projects Made Easy” course to get motivated, get your photos organized and your photo projects DONE!

“Photo Organizing & Projects Made Easy from Start to Finish!”

 This exciting 4-week Coaching Course will guide you through organizing your photos, choosing a photo project (or more than one), and finishing it!

With weekly Coaching sessions, step-by-step training, a Private Facebook group to post your progress, and the momentum and motivation of being part of the class, you’ll get your photos organized and into a completed project!

With weekly coaching by the Leading Online Organizing Coach herself, Marcia Ramsland, you’ll be able to ask any question and move through the big task of organizing your photos. You’ll get your photos organized and your photo projects DONE!

What a relief to finally get your photos organized!

In this class you will,

  • Organize your Photos (Digital and/or Print)

  • Create a Digital or Print Project with your Photos

  • Share your Project in Three Ways

Week 1 ‒ Organize Your Photos and Choose Your Project

  • Choose A System to Sort Photos
  • Use the System to Organize
  • Choose a Project to Create

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ― Eudora Welty

Week 2 ‒ Select Your Photos for Your Project

  • Choosing a Theme
  • Picking Photos for the Project
  • Printing or Filing Selected Photos

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” ― Marc Riboud

Week 3 ‒ Create Your Project with Your Photos

  • Set up for Success
  • Create Your Layouts
  • Create with Theme and Gifting in Mind

“A person is neither whole nor healthy without the memories of photo albums. They are the storybook of our lives. They provide a nostalgic escape …” -Patrick Garry

Week 4 ‒ Share Your Project & Bonus Coaching Session

  • Digitally Share
  • Physically Share
  • Sentimentally Give

“We gather up pictures and bits of our past and scrapbook them into a gift that will last. ” -Kimberly Rinehart

Organize. Create. Share.

Annie DanielsonMelinda Hollis

You’ll also Receive the Amazing Bonus Gifts 

BONUS #1 – “Photo Organizing and Displays” Webinar with Professional Photo Expert, Annie Danielson. You’ll love the visual wall displays with step-by-step instructions. (Value $99)

BONUS #2 – “Organize Your Print Photos” class with professional photo expert Melinda Hollis, President of Out of the Box photo organizing. She will teach you the inside secrets on how to organize all your inherited print photos. (Value $99)

BONUS #3 – Complimentary BONUS 1-1 Coaching Session with Marcia Ramsland, on the next steps of your focus and strategies to complete your photo organizing. (Value $175)

 “Photo Organizing & Projects Made Easy”

Photo Organizing & Projects Made Easy

“Photo Organizing & Projects Made Easy” will show you step-by-step how to organize your photos, display them, and how to create digital book projects. It will inspire and guide you to take action!  The  course includes aa start up Call and Bonus Call at the end with Marcia herself and Facebook Coaching on your photo organizing & project progress. You will be thrilled to finally tackle those photos and get them organized and project finished!


Sign Up for Current Photo Organizing Program!

$89 (3 Payment Plan)
  • This includes . .
  • ‣ A “Start Up” Email with Complete Directions & Video Access
  • ‣Live Weekly Training by Marcia Ramsland to Stay Organized
  • ‣ Membership & Daily Support in the Private VIP Facebook Group
  • ‣BONUS #1 – “Photo Organizing and Displays” Webinar by Professional Photo Expert, Annie Danielson.
  • ‣BONUS #2 – “Organize Your Print Photos” class by professional photo expert Melinda Hollis, President of Out of the Box
  • ‣BONUS #3 –”5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Photos & Enjoy Your Family Memories” 30 Minute Recording by Marcia Ramsland
  • ‣BONUS #4 – Complimentary BONUS 1-1 Coaching Session with Marcia Ramsland

$89 (3 payments)

$249 (Regular $299)

You will learn skills to apply immediately that will last you a lifetime. Organizing your photos, creating a beautiful project, and sharing that has never been so easy or so fun!

This is the BEST price I’ve ever offered since my classes are usually $497.
So sign up today before “Photo Organizing & Projects Made Easy from Start to Finish” closes for another year.

Don’t miss it!

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