“Blueprint Bootcamp

I’m inviting you to a Free Bootcamp since you already purchased or received as part of a course the “The Organize Your Day Blueprint.”

This is a 1 session Bootcamp with me to motivate and guide you how to implement the Blueprint into your life.
Of the 240 people who have the Blueprint, only 10% have completed the course… and it’s an easy one to do. So I want YOU to be a “Finisher” and benefit immediately by this life-changing course.

I do the 5 steps myself everyday as do my Coaching Clients. I really want you to, too!
It’s a total Game Changer and calming plan for each day!

To refresh your memory about the “Organize Your Day Blueprint” I’ve included the video clip above.

We have added new information to the program and I wanted to make you aware of it and help you get the most out of your purchase. Over 240 people have the “Blueprint” and many also have the “Procrastination Cure” along with it.

So I’m offering a Free Complimentary Webinar to show you the new material and exactly how to live the daily 5 Step Plan! If you’re living it, you will find an organized lifestyle is easy, simple, and productive!

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Marcia Ramsland, The Leading Online Organizing Coach

“An Organized Lifestyle is Easy, Simple, and Productive. Is yours?”

“Blueprint Bootcamp”

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“The Organize Your Day Blueprint.”

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