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The most daunting room in the house was Andrea’s basement. With Marcia’s step-by-step Coaching Plan and Big Picture encouragement, Andrea conquered what had been an overwhelming task. Old boxes and items were sorted and trashed, 4 children’s Memory boxes were condensed into a colorful bin for each child, an unused refrigerator was taken away, and shelving units were uncovered and put to better use. The final touch was to strategically place matching boxes together that they already owned by category for the completed, organized look.  A HUGE congratulations, Andrea!

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An Organized Home Office Can Increase Your Bottom Line! Susan in California had a lovely Home Office but made the mistake of putting everything in the middle of the floor to organize it. Over time, things got added to the pile until she “gave up.” Once she took “Organize ALL Your Papers” course and Coaching, she worked really hard for two summer months to get the whole office in order. Susan relaunched her business and is much more productive and relieved.

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Every Storage Space Can Be Organized if you know how to do it! Ramona spent every summer reorganizing her basement until Marcia gave her an ACTION PLAN that completed this section of the basement in just one week! Sure, Ramona worked hard, but still after a whole year everything is easy to maintain. Her summer is now freed up to do fun things with her family instead of being stuck sorting the basement. Good organizational systems set up by virtual Coaching with Marcia Ramsland made all the difference. Done!

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