10 Sneaky Spaces to Declutter


Do you have what I call "Sneaky Spaces" that fill up with small items? These spaces are small clutter troves hiding from your everyday life... until this week. Use them up and let them go! Pick a couple of areas below and entertain yourself and/or your family sorting them. It's fun, easy, and productive to do in an evening. You'll

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10 Tips to Control Your Email


Do you feel overwhelmed by email? Then it's time to take charge before it becomes "Email Clutter!" Too many emails in your inbox are the beginning of a complicated life. Control your email and leave each day relaxed knowing your email is under YOUR control. 10 Email Tips to Deal with Email Efficiently 1.

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5 Coronavirus Workarounds


How are you adjusting to your "New Normal" in Coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions?Are you feeling stuck and waiting for your old normal life, or are you problem solving with Workarounds?While it was nice to slow down the first couple days at home, now there is a need to set up a "New Normal" with Workarounds.

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10 Things to Do During Coronavirus Directives


How are you affected by the Coronavirus changes in our culture? It's a big change slowing down the "train of our busy lives." We don't know how long it will go on, but pause to consider . . Is this your situation? Kids home from school for the weeks ahead? You are working from

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