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Proverbs 31 Bible Study

22 Proven Ways to Be God’s Woman in Action

Provers 31 is the longest passage in the Bible just about women. It is a masterpiece of time management wisdom for today’s busy woman.

The Bible Study includes 22 proven ways to be God’s woman in action everyday. It includes a look at the following in her life that apply directly to our lives today including:

  • Her Daily To Do Activities
  • Her Relationships with People
  • Her Life, “5” Year, and Seasonal Goals
  • Her Admirable Character she Developed
  • Her Activities including Cooking, Sewing, Interior Decorating,

Physical Fitness
, Employer & Employment, & Dressing Well

The 22 verses of the Hebrew Acrostic teach us how to manage our life based on how God’s model woman did all these activities over a life time, not in one day. Your vision and life won’t be the same after hearing this inspiring study!

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Client Testimonial’s:

“I always get excited about something when I’m working on my Homework in the “Simplify Your Life” Workbook.
I just finished the Proverbs 31 video study. I want to tell you that I love this study so much!

I haven’t seen it explained in this way before, and it is so much more of a blessing that I feel I can pick a verse to work on and make progress to becoming more of a Proverbs 31 woman!

“Thank you so very much for loving the Lord, and sharing your love for God with other women through your business! I look forward to referring to this Lesson often!”