Recently I had an encounter with a celebrity. I met her at a recent event where she “happened” to be in San Diego from Colorado. When I heard her story, something clicked and I said, “I saw your story in Guideposts!” I was in the presence of a living inspiration and got excited about how Annie Danielson’s story could connect with you!

I was attracted to her heart and business to help people like me who love pictures but never got into scrapbooking (or did and wanted another venue). In particular I loved her photo display products with a Square Clip. Of course you’d expect a Professional Organizer like myself to think everyone needs a beautiful tool to easily hold all their photos, notes, and inspirational quotes on their desk or counter. I found Annie had created it!

So I invited Annie to teach an Online Class with me to provide us the inspiration to tell our stories with photos. She is a fun, gifted and professional lady. Here’s the actual article with Annie Danielson’s story:

Annie’s Inspiring Guidepost Story June 2012

If you always wanted to get your digital photos organized and learn to display them attractively, learn from an Expert! In this Online Class you will learn:

• Simple Ways to organize your digital photos

• Great Tips to get started organizing

• How to create momentum with your calendar

• Products for easily keeping your photos at hand

• How to fill a photo wall stylishly with happy memories

1 Hour Online Class on Wednesday, April 24, 5 pm PST//7 pm CST//8 pm EST

Learn to make your photo dreams come trust with enthusiastic host Leah Gowin, Marcia Ramsland The Organizing Pro, and special Guest Annie Danielson, Founder and President of Rendi, for the most inspiring photo organizing class you’ve even taken!

Register HERE for “Photo Organizing & Displays in 3 Easy Steps!”

“Organize Your Photos. Display Your Favorites!” This class will motivate you!