How are you adjusting to your “New Normal” in Coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions?

Are you feeling stuck and waiting for your old normal life, or are you problem solving with Workarounds?

While it was nice to slow down the first couple days at home, now there is a need to set up a “New Normal” with Workarounds.

Here’s 5 Steps to help you find those!

5 Coronavirus Workarounds

1) Identify your goal and ask “How important is this to tackle it right now?”

It might lower your stress to put it on the back burner for a little while.

2) Brainstorm 3 Other Solutions

  • Email the person
  • Go eat and come back to it
  • Scour your cabinets to see if you have another item that would work just as well

3) Gather the Family and Talk it Through

How will we all be here and do schoolwork while someone else needs quiet to study or be on the phone? Get a consensus and set up separate spaces.

4) Plan Ahead, then Let it Go

Sure, you want to have fresh fruits and foods on hand, but you can only buy ahead so far.
Write the list, get frozen veggies, and let that worry go. There are other things to focus on.

5) It’s Not About the Food, It’s About the Mood

Ah, right now people are having more “family dinners” than before.
Enjoy the reprieve, have friendly chats about the best part of the day so far, and get reacquainted without someone rushing off to sports, the gym, or more work.

Working from Home

I was impressed with one Client’s husband who adjusted to working from home … at a desk in the laundry room! What a committed top Financial Planner and great guy to keep the momentum going for his clients!

Just shutting the door kept out the household noise so he could be on calls with clients and continue his work day.

Kudos to his wife for clearing everything out and doing laundry before or after the workday.

Today’s Time Tip:

When you can’t control the external, focus on the internal.”
— Kathy Elliott, Counselor

My friend taught me that when we moved years ago from New York to California, and I felt so out of place and unsettled. So I focused on calming down, having new family time, and searching out the benefits of the “New Normal” in my life.

It worked then and it will work for us today.


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