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5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Holiday Energy


My motto as a seasoned Holiday Coach and the Organizing Pro to jumpstart the busiest time of year is...    "If you do anything more than once in life, organize it and simplify it. That's especially true for the holidays that come year after year like clockwork!" After staying up late Christmas Eve to wrapping

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10 Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Weekend


I LOVE Thanksgiving Weekend for all the options we have on how to spend it! It's the four day pause when everyone seems to take a deep breath and relax before navigating the busy holiday season. Thanksgiving 4-Day weekend is an opportunity to do fun, reflective, and social things to relax. Here are 10

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10 Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Gifts


Money Saving Gift Tips are important. Why? The average family will create enough credit card debt at Christmas that it will take until the following May to pay it off! There is a less expensive way to survive. 1.Strategize. Decide which gifts you want and match them with sale ads. Check off the items on your Master Gift List and note any special limitations (i.e. price only effective for three hours, limit two per person). Prioritize the stores where you'll shop according to limitations and values.....

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10 Tips to Celebrate Christmas


While advertisers boast slogans of “new and improved,” it is comforting to know that some things never change.  Christmas traditions bring comfort and welcome continuity in the safe harbor called home. Make some yearly traditions that matter. It’s never too late to start! By Sharon Jaynes in Simplify Your Holiday Season Planner by Marcia Ramsland 1.

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