The 30 Lb Paper Diet!!


Are you looking for an easy way to get your files cleaned out? One of my organizing rules is "Make your organizing memorable and fun." I have lost 30 lb. of paper files in a week by doing just that. All you need to do is set a date (say by the next holiday),

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10 Tips to Get Focused


"What gets your attention, gets you!" says Rick Warren about our harried lives. I find that's true from the minute we wake up and check social media, morning email, and texts all day long. Yikes, we need more help than ever to focus! The best way to overcome distraction is to take a different

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10 Tips for Two Minute Pickups for Paperwork


How can you make your daily routine more organized? Start with a “Two Minute Pickup” and let this easy habit change your life for the better. Before you walk away from your desk, spend two minutes tying up loose ends such as: 1. Clear off the center of your desk and jot down your

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5 Ways to Create an Inspiring Workspace!


Whether your workspace is a full office, cubicle, home office, or tabletop this is your space - your home away from home. Make it tasteful, streamlined, and inspiring! An inspiring workspace will help you focus and be ready to work when you sit down at your computer. If you find yourself sighing and dreading

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Organize Your Home Office-Fox 5 TV


Fox 5 TV special interview with Organizing Pro, Marcia Ramsland, and Erica Fox organized a Home Office and the daily mail with step-by-step instructions faster than you can blink! Fox 5 Facebook fan Tammy DeArmas was chosen to have a Home Office filming for suggestions from Marcia and got more! See video now. Marcia worked

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