Organized to Thrive in the New Normal

Here are your bonus “Time Worksheets”

These worksheets will help you bring order to your day, give you your BEST schedule, and prepare stable time schedule that you can depend on.

Not only that, they will help you stay healthier and happier once they become an ingrained, dependable habit.

Once I decided on my BEST morning & evening “bookend” times, I became more productive immediately and follow them every day.


This is your time to make a significant life change with these simple worksheets. Print them, fill them in, and post the 5 Clock Sheet on your refrigerator, and the Morning and Evening Time Sheet on your bathroom mirror. Check off each item you do “on time” for one week. You’ll see what you need to adjust and do so.

Marcia Ramsland Organizing Pro

I believe in you and what you can become with your personal, dependable schedule.

Marcia Ramsland, Your “Organizing Pro”

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