Do you wonder how you’ll get along with people for the Holidays? Family and extended family can be difficult this time of year when emotions run high …unless you are armed with new relationship skills.

While simplifying your holiday season, take time for relationships to thrive, not just survive the holidays. People are more important than things, especially at this time of year. Here are some principles to apply to your relationship during this festive season

by Pam Farrel in Simplify Your Holiday Season by Marcia Ramsland

    1. Center Your Heart.

      Focus on the true, deeper meaning of the holiday season celebrations of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. This will help everyone become easier to get along with because the heart of the holiday will remain intact.

    2. Hear What Your Friends and Family are Voicing as Their Stress.

      Listen carefully to those around you — a gift that will lower their stress.

    3. Reach Out as a Family to Help Others.

      Keep the proper perspective on what is really important in life by­­­­ looking for ways to help others. Everyone has something to give.

    4. Invest in Memories, not Material Goods.

      Make time for family baking, tree decorating, or board games.

    5. Speak Your Love in Words.

      The best gift you can give another person is words of praise, gratitude, and acknowledgment from your lips.

    6. Take Time for Romance.

      The greatest gift you can give your spouse, children, and friends is harmony at home.

    7. Make Time to Reach Out to Extended Family.

      Visit or call grandparents, aunts, and uncles. If possible, use modern technology like Skype to connect.

    8. Assume Nothing.

      Ask those who are celebrating with you what their expectations are, and communicate the plan clearly so people feel informed.

    9. Stay Flexible.

      Don’t be a Christmas Scrooge ordering family around. Instead slow the pace, gather consensus, and give options so that you create an environment of connecting and sharing.

    10. Express Your Joy.

      Make memories by making the most of all your relationships!

Pam Farrel is a relationship specialist, international speaker, and author of more than forty books, including best-selling Men Are like Waffles, Women Are like Spaghetti, The Marriage Code, The 10 Best Decisions a Single Can Make. The Farrels’ books have sold more than a half million copies. They are frequent guests on radio and TV. Visit


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