Wondering how to choose a Goal or Resolution to successfully accomplish? January 1 is normally the day to write a resolution. If you’re not living the life you love or at least enjoying each day, then perhaps it’s because you don’t know what you want, you know what it is but haven’t worked to get it, or you’ve let life get in your way. Here are three ways to change that while you are poised at the beginning of the new year.


A new year’s resolution is a January 1 personal commitment for the coming year to change a habit or lifestyle for the better such as the two most popular ones, to lose weight and get organized!


A Goal is a dream with a plan attached and is best achieved if there is a positive emotional response to its success, such as moving to a warm climate, redecorating at home, or doubling your income. Jot them on your new monthly calendar.


is a wish list of things you’d like to do in your lifetime that captures your imagination such as climbing Mt. Everest, running a marathon, or writing a book. Fill your bucket list with 5-10 things you’ve only dreamed about. Here is my list of 15 that you can use each new month or for the new year. Every day is a chance to start fresh!

What Would it Take for a “New Year, New You” Lifestyle Makeover?
Here are some ideas to make a new lifestyle change for a new you. Pick one.

  • Prioritize my life and say with confidence.
  • Find a regular exercise program I like.
  • Eat healthier every meal.
  • Get to bed by 10:30 p.m.
  • Reorganize and upgrade my office.
  • Create a budget and save for my dream car.
  • Plan one enjoyable activity per 52 weekends.
  • Trade childcare for more personal time.
  • Get together monthly with a good friend.
  • Become team manager for son’s sports team.
  • Go on my bucket list dream vacation.
  • Call parents/grandparents once a week.
  • Send out birthday cards (or birthday emails) on time.
  • Join a new business group.
  • Wrap up leadership responsibility in current organization.
  • Complete a degree over the next three years.

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