How do you celebrate Easter?

I host an annual Easter Webinar “Easter in the Holy Land” that my brother, Dr. Carl G. Rasmussen shared slides and commentary of the historical Easter events that took place in Jerusalem. It is a highlight to prepare you for Easter.

The webinar was well received by over 400 people last year! (And you can watch it at the link below).

When people registered they had the option of answering the question,
“How do you Celebrate the Meaning of Easter?”

Over 70% of the registrants answered and I thought I’d share 15 of the most interesting and inspiring answers to help you think about how to celebrate Easter this year. Make it memorable and a special time of reflection and celebration!

15 Ways to Celebrate Easter!

Here are 15 responses that can give you ideas on how to celebrate:

  • Linda – Worshipping in church and being with family
  • Judy – Church family breakfast + sunrise service, then a special dinner later with family
  • Janet – Easter choir is a must
  • Marie – Fasting, reviewing the book of John, eating dinner with family, and being grateful
  • Beth – Reading the Bible leading up to Easter
  • Lana – On Good Friday, remembering the death of Jesus with communion and Sunday celebrating His resurrection
  • Sharyn – Attending Masses on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday leading up to Easter Sunday.
  • Anita – I make and decorate a resurrection cake. We enjoy a special Easter breakfast and morning worship service with our church family.
  • John – Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection at a sunrise service and with family for a brunch
  • Tammy – We attend church of course. We have a meal of lamb and talk about Christ being the perfect sacrificial Lamb of God given for us!
  • Cathy – We color Easter eggs with the kids & enjoy hiding & hunting for the eggs. We celebrate Jesus’ atonement. It’s not about the bunny, it’s about the lamb.
  • Patricia – Sunrise services, family dinners, responding to the words “He is risen” with “He is risen indeed!”
  • Holly – Focusing more on what Jesus went through during Passion Week leading up to Easter. Go to a Good Friday Service and Resurrection Sunday service and enjoy the afternoon with family and a big meal.
  • Sandor – The church plant I pastor in Budapest, Hungary is sending out Bible studies throughout the Holy Week, then we are hosting Seder dinners at homes, and on Sunday we celebrate Easter at our worship service.

Fascinating, isn’t it? There are many traditions and the most common one listed was to be in church on Easter and celebrate with a special meal afterward. How about you?

Resources for Easter:

BIBLE READING: Do you have questions about Easter?
Read the last 3 chapters of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John as they tell the Easter story from their perspective being there.)

ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES: Here are a dozen Online Services you can plan to attend if you are looking for some beyond your own local service CLICK HERE

I hope this helps you celebrate Easter intentionally. Two years ago, we could only do it online. This year, let’s be joyful, grateful, and celebrate together wherever you are!


Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro

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