Do you open your closet doors only to want to shut them again because the thought of organizing the closet is too overwhelming? Where do you start, what tools do you need, will what you do last long enough to really make a difference? Don’t worry, I can help.  First, take a look at my quick post “4 Steps to Organize Your Closet” and then consider 3 Tools to Organize Your Closet:

Tool 1) Matching Clothes Hangers 

Sometimes the look and feel of disorganization has a lot to do with mismatched hangers.  I know, I mentioned this in the previous article. I am surprising by how many people don’t do it! Something as simple as using all the same kind and color of hanger can make a huge difference in your closet.  I suggest finding a hanger that you like — I’m fond of the slim, felt hangers in solid colors — and make a stack of blouse and dress hangers and another for skirts and slacks. Using the same hangers will help you create more space by making everything fit nicely.

Tool 2) Bins for Sorting Non-Hanging Items

You don’t need a lot, a few good size plastic bins (about 4 or 5) will really help you make sense of your closet items.  You will need one bin for donations, one bin for items you want to store, one for items that need alterations or repairs and one miscellaneous item.  Notice I didn’t say you need a bin for things to toss. Nope…you need a trash bag for those items!  If you put them in a bin, you will revisit them before you toss them, taking extra time. By putting items to toss in the trash, you are less likely to pull it out to reconsider it.

Tool 3) A Clear Surface to Work While Sorting

Start by taking everything out and placing it on a bed or another hanging location so you can easily sort by color, style, and item.  This will also help you choose which items to toss and which to keep when you can look at them without the clutter of other clothes around them.

And finally, it doesn’t matter how organized you are if you have too much stuff for your closet.  Once you have sorted through your clothes, re-hung items so they are on the hangers properly and not bunched up and then sorted them to match your needs, if you have too many items — it’s time to let some things go.

Move clothing out of your closet if it doesn’t fit, if it is seasonal, if you don’t love it, or you don’t wear it and you don’t need it.  You’ll make more than enough room if you can find a new place to store those items or better yet, donate what you don’t need to charity.

One last tip . . .

Before you hang another item in your closet, think about what needs to be taken out.  If you are already at your closet max, new items will only create more stress if you keep piling them in without considering what needs to be removed.

Does Your Closet Need a Makeover?

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