Do you have what I call “Sneaky Spaces” that fill up with small items?

These spaces are small clutter troves hiding from your everyday life... until this week. Use them up and let them go!

Pick a couple of areas below and entertain yourself and/or your family sorting them. It’s fun, easy, and productive to do in an evening. You’ll wonder how so much collected and how little of each you actually use.

10 Sneaky Spaces to Tackle “Use it Up” Week

1) Use Up Bathroom Products All those little makeup samples, shampoo products, conditioners, nail polish, lipsticks, soap samples equal clutter! You know what you like. Minimize the rest by using it up or tossing it out.

2) Sort Linen Closet Bedding and Towels Take the time to wash all the towels, keep the sets you like and “Demote, Donate, or Trash” old stuff you don’t use.

3) Recycle Batteries and Lightbulbs Gather them in one place, organize what works, and create a box ready to recycle when you can. Now is a good time to replace bulbs and fire alarm and flashlight batteries

4) Label Cable and Cord Collections Do have a stash of cables and wires you don’t even know what they are for? Now is the time to get family together to divide and conquer the cord collection. Label chords, especially those that only the techie at home knows what they’re for

5) Shred Old Credit Cards and Papers You probably own a shredder, so now is the time to use it. Credit Cards are good “fodder” and can be shredded as well as old financial papers that are filling up file drawers. Now is the time!

6) Fix it or Toss It Repair Stuff Do you have a random pile of things to be glued or repaired? Now is the time to use it or lose it. Make a repair list, take it to dinner and decide who’s going to fix it or if it’s time to let it go.

7) Give Up the Receipt Collection Continue shredding with receipts that have piled up. You can practically have a confetti party when old receipts are gone through and gone!

8) Sort Your “Bag Lady” Stash Seriously, how many bags do you need? Divide the plastic bags into Small, Medium, and Large and store in plastic containers with a lid. Refold canvas and cloth bags with the handles inside and the smooth edge lined up like books on a shelf. Don’t forget to include the ones in the car!

9) Clean Up Car Clutter What a good time to get outside and cleanup the inside of your car. Clean out all the clutter, vacuum, and be ready for the day we are released from Home Quarantine. It is well worth having a clean car.

10) Recycle Kitchen Plastic Ware So often we collect more plastic containers than we use when food comes packaged in them. Count, discuss, and release what’s filling up your cabinets. Make a Clean Sweep of your kitchenware!

Today’s Tip:
“One of the fastest ways to save time is to organize what you use and let go of the rest. Keep your favorites and let go of the rest.”

Cheering for you to fun decluttering simple, small spaces like the 10 above.

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