My 10 Top Time-Wasters in Woman’s Day Magazine


Do you find yourself running out of time? Does it feel like you have your schedule organized, but you still feel rushed all day? Perhaps, you've fallen prey to wasting time! Here is my Woman's Day article of "10 Top Time Wasters" for you to become aware of in your own life and change

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7 Time Tips to Stay Energized!


When someone wants to get organized, I often start with these 7 key time management tips to produce the balanced life she is looking for. Why? Because everything revolves around her ability to control her time and calendar to adjust to changes that inevitably come up. It's important to learn the skill of adding

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10 Tips to Get Focused


"What gets your attention, gets you!" says Rick Warren about our harried lives. I find that's true from the minute we wake up and check social media, morning email, and texts all day long. Yikes, we need more help than ever to focus! The best way to overcome distraction is to take a different

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Plan Tomorrow the Night Before


Anyone can develop the habit of preparing for tomorrow the night before. You’re set up for a good day when you have items placed in a regular “launching spot” and appointments confirmed the day before. Those who plan tomorrow the night before have learned it takes just a few minutes once they consistently practice

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10 Tips for Two Minute Pickups for Paperwork


How can you make your daily routine more organized? Start with a “Two Minute Pickup” and let this easy habit change your life for the better. Before you walk away from your desk, spend two minutes tying up loose ends such as: 1. Clear off the center of your desk and jot down your

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Goals, Bucket List, and New Year’s Resolutions


January 1 is the day to write a resolution or two. If you're not living the life you love or at least enjoying each day, then perhaps it's because you don't know what you want, you know what it is but haven't worked to get it, or you've let life get in your way. Here are three ways to change that while you are poised at the beginning of the new year. Pick One Style for a New Year, New You...

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10 Tips for the New Year and a New You!


I LOVE new calendars for the new year! Digital or paper those white, pristine squares each month represent breathing room, the margin in our lives, and a relaxed pace. The simple reason I love them is – they offer a chance to dream and to change. Can we change? Yes. And if we are to improve

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