When someone wants to get organized, I often start with these 7 key time management tips to produce the balanced life she is looking for. Why? Because everything revolves around her ability to control her time and calendar to adjust to changes that inevitably come up.

It’s important to learn the skill of adding what’s makes you happy in life to your schedule and letting go of energy drainers. It’s equally important to turn the “have to’s” into “want to’s” by having positive activities and friends to support the necessary activities you don’t relish.

To smooth out the stress points of your day, add one of the following 7 key time management tips and make it a habit you can count on.

  1. Plan Weekly Personal Energizing Activities
    What makes you happiest? Is your a weekly favorite TV series and popcorn, a massage, hiking, shopping, or decorating? Budget time and money for it. It will make your life run smoother because your endorphins kick in and you move along well when you have one weekly activity to look forward to.
  2. Downtime is Rejuvenating
    Good time management skills include downtime that rejuvenates you. Downtime is not just sitting in front of the TV for hours, it’s about doing something fun without pressure and coming away feeling better about yourself and your life. Read a magazine or novel, shop for a new outfit, or signup to learn a new skill.
  3. Become a Committed Calendar User that’s Easy to Work With
    Women who use their calendars regularly are more productive and easier to work with. Why? Because they include everything in their life in one place and have a sense of which days of the week work best for certain activities. They know when to focus and have time to be flexible.
  4. Say “No” When Things Are Out of Control
    “My number one time principle is, ‘Say a loud “No” when things are out of control!” That means stop your anxiety and schedule time on your calendar to catch up on whatever you feel behind on: work, mail, finances, laundry, or kitchen cleanup. Nothing drains your energy faster than feeling stressed.
  5. Weekends are for Projects and Fun
    Good time management skills include planning your weekends. You have 52 Saturdays to do projects at home, such as an hour of organizing paperwork or closet. Or as a big project like painting your bedroom or decorating your family room. After planning a project, plan a reward like a movie, friends for dinner, or reading a good novel.
  6. Clean Up Your Calendar
    List all the events, appointments, and due dates you have coming up. On Sunday evenings review the two weeks ahead and include updates. Now you’ve cleared your mind and you can trust your calendar Planner to keep you on track.
  7. Limit Your Evening Commitments to 2-4 Per Week
    Balance the number of weeknights out (Monday – Thursday) to no more than two, especially if you have demanding day responsibilities. Limit the number of weekend nights out to one or two on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.Once you incorporate better and better time management skills into your life, you’ll accomplish more in less time and find greater satisfaction each day. When you want to organize your life, the place to begin is your calendar, which creates the calm or chaos of the life you now live. Make one of these tips a new habit and you’ll immediately improve your ability to enjoy an Organized Lifestyle that’s easy, simple, and productive!
Work Smarter to Thrive with Your Time

Work Smarter to Thrive with Your Time!

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“Work Smarter to Thrive with Your Time” will help you do more with less stress, streamline your day, and manage interruptions. You’ll create more time for yourself and move from overwhelm to calm control. Let Marcia use her gifts of Strategy and Focus to teach you time skills that work for perfectly for you!