Being your best every day is a habit, not just a lucky break. I’ve learned there are good habits and sometimes there are bad habits that slow us down. But that can all change! Here are 10 “Do and Don’t” reminders to keep you at your best! These are Top 10 Time Habits you want to make part of your daily routine.

1) DO stay ahead of the game by arriving early and finishing things ahead of time.
DON’T leave home late and have to be in a rush to make all your appointments.

2) DO limit your multitasking to no more than three things and wrap them up as you go along.
DON’T multitask yourself into fragmentation with undone chores trailing behind you.

3) DO look for emotional rest spots and space them throughout your day to renew your attitude.
DON’T drive yourself (and others) into frustration by tackling too many problems at once.

4) DO look people in the eye and “be present.”
DON’T overlook the person in front of you to accomplish your agenda.

5) DO know what you’re having for dinner and when you’re starting it.
DON’T forget dinner is coming and scramble at the last minute.

6) DO “time slot” everything into the day, especially things you really want to do.
DON’T expect everything will get done just because it’s on your list.

7) DO be realistic about what you can accomplish today based on yesterday’s success.

DON’T keep everything in front of you, but just things you plan to accomplish today.

8) DO start doing things as soon as possible so you can enjoy your progress.
DON’T put things off until you’re good and ready, or they might not happen.

9) DO initiate something you enjoy every day: call a friend, read a book, or take a walk.

DON’T push yourself so hard that you lose your pleasant personality.

10) DO keep working at a knotty time problem until you hit upon a solution.
DON’T accept frustrations in your day as a permanent part of your life.

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