If you take an average of 3 phone photos a day on your smartphone, that’s over 1,000 photos a year to sort! Do these 3 tips and you’ll keep them organized!

1) Sort like an Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor gives you an exam by showing you two images and asking, “Which is better 1 or 2?” Ask the same question with your photos after an event and you’ll easily narrow it down to the “Best” one to keep of the same shot.

For instance, when you go out with friends and ask the waiter to snap a picture, he/she shoots and says “Oh, just one more to make sure I got it right.” Sure enough, you instantly have six photos of the same group of people, when you only wanted one. So …

When you’re home select the one photo with the question “Is 1 better or is 2 better?” by choosing the best facial expressions on the most people and best background. Keep that one and immediately delete the rest. Don’t do double work later by not deciding right then. Trust yourself and decide.

2) Use the Smile Test

After an eventful day go through your phone photos not only to relive the day but also to select the best and let go of the rest. If a photo makes you smile, that’s a “Keeper” and you can click a “heart” at the bottom of the screen to mark it as a favorite. That makes it easy to choose your Christmas Card Photo or print to frame because it’s already in your “Favorites” folder.

3) “Share the Best!” A Time-Saver Tip

I love taking group pictures at an event, but someone will inevitably ask, “Can you send me that picture?” Ah, I don’t want to have to add that to a To Do List so I do it right on the spot with them standing there. “Do you want it by text or email” I ask and then send it. They’re happy and I’m happy that the task is done.

If I don’t have their contact info, I add or have them update it on the spot. You can also “Air Drop” it if they have that feature, which is even faster because it goes right to their photos and you don’t have to send it. :)

BONUS Tip #4: Claim Your Photos from Their Phone

If someone snaps a photo for you on their phone photos ask to look at it AND send it to yourself right then. Otherwise, it will sit on their phone and you’ll probably never get it. This way you will.

Do these 3 tips right from the start and you’ll never have to worry about running out of space. After all, “Photo Clutter” just means you didn’t take the time to save your best and let go of the rest.

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