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“Organize Your Closet in Just 10 Minutes a Day!”

A Fast Paced 30 minute Teleclass to save you time from now on.

Wednesday & Thursday, October 11 – 12
5:00 pm PT / 6:00 MT / 7:00 CT / 8:30 ET

“Organize Your Closet in Just 10 Minutes a Day” will give you a quick and easy plan to bring order to your closet. Soon everything will be in its place and you’ll be SAVING 10 minutes a day getting dressed!

Stop digging through your clothes each day only to be frustrated and hurried, save time getting dressed, feel organized and put together, and LOVE getting ready each day. 

In this free Seminar you will learn:

  • The Easy 3-Step Method to Organize Your Closet

  • 14 Ideas to Organize Your Closet in Just 10 Minutes a Day

  • Learn what to Donate and What to Keep

  • Discover how to Maintain an Organized Closet

This Fast Paced 30 minute Teleseminar is a must as you move into Fall and change over your wardrobe for cooler weather. Your clothes will be organized, your clothes will be current, and you’ll feel put together and confident to face the day!


With this system, you can spend just 10 minutes a day as you get dressed to get your closet organized over a week or two. I’m going to share a practical system, along with a handout that will give you the tips and a diagram you need to do so!

Marcia Ramsland

The Leading Online Organizing Coach for Business & Life Success!

“Coaching Busy People to Make Every Day Count!”