The “BIG 6” Organizing Classes!

Join Expert Marcia Ramsland and Host Leah Gowin in each session by clicking on the Class link below. It will take you to a page where you can view the Handouts and listen to the class on your computer. Be sure to turn on your computer speakers to listen and settle in with your handouts and take notes to improve your life!

Each class is no more than 1 exciting hour. Download the handouts before you listen to the class. Then turn up your speakers (or download these audio classes) and get organized one class at a time!

The “BIG 6” Strategic Online Organizing Classes!

Get organized and stay that way with detailed, specific training on these classes.

Class #1 – Organize Your Closet & Expand Your Wardrobe!

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Class #2 – Organize Your Photos & Preserve Your Memories!

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Class #3 – Clean Out the Garage in a Weekend!

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Class #4 – Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!

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Class #5 – Organize Your Children and Family!

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Class #6 – Reach Your Goals!

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Time Tip: Plan a time to listen to the first class of your interest in the next 24 hours. Then do that everyday this week to get through them all once. You can go back and listen again for details at any time as long as you save this link.

Questions? Email [email protected]