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Did You Know . . . ?

* Workers say they’d like their job better if there wasn’t so much paperwork?
* 1 in 4 Americans had a Home Office, but during the pandemic the number is close to 4 in 4 working from home?
* Your stress-level rises when you can’t find receipts, medical bills, and credit card bills easily?

No more! We can change all that!

Clean Your Desk, Clear Your Mind!

If you struggle with catching up on your paperwork, emptying your In-Box, and keeping up with your To Do List, we have the solution for you!

Streamline your workspace and get all your paperwork setup right along with the time to do it!
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I’ve found that people are significantly happier and more productive when they get their papers, desk, and office organized at home and work. I should know. I’m The Leading Online Organizing Coach and have been organizing offices across the country for years. No large or small workspace is impossible to organize!

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What’s the Solution?

Get organized with Expert Coaching and set up lasting systems to stay that way! A total Office Cleanup will keep you on top of paperwork, email, To Do’s and Projects.

In this amazingly practical Course, you will…

* Reorganize your desk so it works for you and not against you
* Get ALL your papers organized with step-by-step training that works!
* Receive personal Coaching on the best layout of your workspace setup
* Learn when it’s the best time of the week to do paperwork and email related items.
* Discover how to best use your time to find time to get organized and the skills to stay that way

Which of the Workspaces below do you most identify with?

A Paper Cleanup Can Make Your Life Easier!

Here are Case Studies of what we will cover in Coaching you through Organizing your papers and workspace.”

Case Study #1 – Personal Workspaces

This radio participant was inspired by my on air Coaching and went home to get a handle on the dumping ground for all daily paperwork and scheduling. Voila! The change was dramatic with my 5 Folder system and simplifying all her many attempts at colored post-its, folder, planner, laptop, important papers on top, and even papers on her chair. Solution? New ideas simplify old, cumbersome systems. Now it’s systematized and stays that way.

Paper Organizing

Case Study #2 – A Desk at Home

This desk in a multipurpose office/guest room kept the room far from being restful! It was hard to even dive in to take care of it . . . until Gwen joined us in organizing her desk assignment as part of our course. With step by step directions, determination, and accountability, she did it! And that was with a full working schedule to boot.
Now everyone is sleeping better and the space is done and ready for action going forward. Yours could be, too! P.S. She even hung pictures on the wall.

Case Study #3 – Home Office

Roxanne was sure her problem was that she needed a new chair. Uh, no. I said she could get a new chair … AFTER she went through every paper in her Home Office. It took persistence and following my Action Steps for her setup, but she got through it with the goal of the new chair in mind. Not only did she get a lovely new chair, she treated herself to a new rug. Now it’s her favorite place in her home. Once you do the hard work, paperwork becomes even enjoyable.

Coaching Testimonials

“This course has helped spark and encourage me to take that one last step to be neat and orderly stay on top of things. Finding a space to set up a Personal Organizing Center (POC) with file folders and calendar, helped get rid of piles of paper, especially the in between “do later” things.” –Barb

“I organized my desk. It helps me balance my life! I have a plan and I know I will complete it.” – Ginger

My best experience of the course was the new habit of mail and clearing of paper. I maintained the discipline and my husband complimented me.” – Wendy

Logo 21 Day Office Clean Up Course

My Promise

You will streamline your setup, clear your desk and workspace of excess clutter, and exclaim “I’m so productive. Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

In “Clean Your Desk, Clear Your Mind” you will . . .

* Learn the “Right” Way to Setup Your Desk and Save Yourself Time
* The How To’s of Organizing Paperwork

* The One Secret that Cuts Your Time in Half with Every Paper Pile
* How to Tackle a Daunting Backlog of File Drawers, Boxes, and Email Successfully!

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Class Begins Tuesday, March 1 * 4 Sessions
1:00 PT / 2:00 MT / 3:00 CT / 4:00 ET

Coaching was Key to Finishing!

It can be a lonely job all by yourself to catch up on your paperwork, empty your In-Box, and deal with a backlog. But like my client, Sammye, it can be done!
This Step-by-Step Course will show you how to get all your paperwork and To Do List tasks DONE! Get organized with Marcia’s Expert Coaching and set up systems to stay that way with accountability, weekly support, and personal Coaching. Click the button to see six “Before & Afters” → 

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By the end of the course, you will have . . .

  • Peace of mind knowing your papers are in order and company can stop over anytime!

  • Relief knowing everything is organized and ready for each day

  • Ability to organize your paperwork and clear your daily mail effortlessly

  • Clarity on how to BEST manage your paperwork and get things done efficiently


Live Coaching Course-Tuesday, March 1

$297(Regular $397)
  • This includes . .
  • Inspiring “How To” Videos with Photos
  • Your Perfect Workspace Setup and All Papers Organized!
  • Membership & Coaching in the VIP Private Facebook Group
  • A Customized Time Plan to Get Things DONE!
  • Accountability & Support to Take Action Every Week
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • A Bonus 4th Week 1-1 Coaching Session ($150 Value)

The Course with 4 Additional 1-1 Coaching Sessions

$497(Regularly $597)
  • This includes . .
  • Inspiring “How To” Videos with Photos
  • Your Perfect Workspace Setup and All Papers Organized!
  • A 4th WeMembership & Coaching in the VIP Private Facebook Group 1-1 Coaching Session ($150 Value)
  • A Customized Time Plan to Get Things DONE!
  • Accountability & Support to Take Action Every Week
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • PLUS Four 1-1 Coaching Sessions in Addition to the Class
  • PLUS Four Customized Action Plans with Detailed, Easy to Follow Steps
  • A Bonus 4th Week 1-1 Coaching Session ($150 Value)
  • PLUS The Course Materials Included & Mailed to You Free!

Register TODAY for immediate relief that ALL your papers will be easily accessible and your workspace clear and inviting. Join now!

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker