Bring Simplicity Home and Spark Joy!

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“Bringing Simplicity Home” is THE course to help you achieve your dream of living clutter-free at home. Focusing on one area per week will get you organized and we’ll teach you how to keep it that way.



In this class, as you donate things to charity turn them into Tax Deductions by keeping track with our Downloadable Forms. Keep them in a file folder for taxes. Use weekly in this class and 4-6 times a year thereafter.

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Now begin by watching Week 1 Video and reading the chapters in Simplify Your Space,  which is filled with a diagrams, Checklists, and step-by-step directions to organize each room.

Week One: Organize Your Personal Space: Your Bedroom and Closet

Read and highlight tips to remember in Chapters 1, 5, & 6 in Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland.

The best place to begin simplifying at home is your bedroom and closet to begin and end your day clutter-free. No more chaos or piles once you get it organized!

You will learn:

• An Easy 3 Step Pick Up to Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free
• Get Through Your Dresser Drawers and Piles Thoroughly
• Organize Your Closet into Wearable Outfits
• How to Weed Out Your Closet on the Run
• Learn What to Donate and What to Keep 


Don’t forget to watch Sunny Juan’s The “Magic of Tidying Up” Step by Step

“I am a “Type Z” person so far from “Type A.” After reading your book my husband and I have been organizing and downsizing. It has been life changing! My closet is amazing. Now at times I just walk in it and smile. The 15 minute cleanup has been a revelation. Things are where they should be, no more pile. The garage is next!” — Lydia

Week Two: Organize Your Visible Space: Kitchen & Paperwork

 Read and highlight tips to remember in Chapters 2 & 4 in Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland.

When the countertops and table are clear, you’ll have plenty of space to work, plan meals, and relax. An organized, clutter-free kitchen can save you money and keep you healthy.

You will learn:

• Keep Countertops Clear and Organize Everything in Your Kitchen
• Shop Your Freezer and Fridge for Meals You Like
• Clean Out the Pantry and Refrigerator from Top Down
• Organize Your Cabinets and Keep up on Dishes
• Setup a System for Daily Papers that Looks Nice & Works!

“I finished the rest of the kitchen. Everything had homes. They just needed to get there. My latest lesson is learning I am an “all or nothing” person. If a task can’t be done a certain way, I just don’t do it. I have been combatting this by repeating to myself “just do something, it’s better than nothing”– Amy from Alabama

Week Three: Organize Your Living Spaces: Family‒ Dining ‒ Living Areas

 Read and highlight tips to remember in Chapters 3, 11, and 12 in Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland.

* Note: My daughter, Lisa, is the wonderful host on this webinar while Leah was away. My apologies that I didn’t get the slides to change until about 4 minutes in.

Home” should be a favorite place to come home to, not cluttered rooms that only get clean for company.

You will learn:

• Where to Start and How to Organize any Room
• How to Get Family to Pick up in Common Spaces
• Create Beauty for your Books and Magazines
• How to Distinguish Decorating from Cluttering
• How to Organize around the Focal Point of a Room

 “I work from home and my excuse was I “can’t do another thing.” I am a procrastinator and believe me this does not only happen in my office but in all areas of my life. The result of being this way is I end up with piles of things I have to go thru. I am “retiring” this conversation and way of being! Thank you so much for your encouragement and inspiration! — Marietta from Illinois

Week Four: Organize Your Active Spaces: Bathrooms & Laundry Area

Read and highlight tips to remember in Chapters 7 & 8 in Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland. 

The two smallest rooms are probably the hardest working and need good systems to stay clutter-free.

You will learn:

• Clear Off Countertop Clutter for a Spa Like Look
• Simplify Your Bathroom Toiletries for Quick Dressing
• Fold Your Towels with Marcia’s famous “Decorative Edge” Magazine Look
• Create a Laundry System make even Maytag Jealous
• Achieve Completed Laundry – The Same Day!

“I got rid of lots of duplicates in the kitchen or items I no longer cook with; threw older, used toiletries away; narrowed books down to what would fit on my shelves and donated the rest; and limited my clothing. Thanks for your insights, Marcia.” –Brenda from San Diego, CA

“It has been a joy being a part of this group. It made me want to set higher goals on my house and future projects with myself. It seems so weird that we have never met, but you have made these sessions so personal and made us all feel like it was a one-on-one session. That is a great feeling. Keep up the great work. I really loved the connection you made happen and your positive attitude you showed to everyone.” — Laurel from Ohio

Are You Ready?

Each “Bringing Simplicity Home” session will cover a Room by Room training by veteran Professional Organizer, Marcia Ramsland, plus “Before and After” pictures from the class and Coaching from Marcia how to organize each one. The Accountability each week will keep you motivated and accomplishing your goals!

I’m so glad you joined our Class and look forward to your photos in our Facebook group 24 hours ahead of Group Coaching.

This is the time to bring simplicity to your home! Keep up with the Class videos, book reading, and post your pictures every week in our Private Facebook Group. We’ll organize and spark joy in your home!

Marcia Ramsland, The Leading Online Organizing Coach for Life & Business!