I LOVE Thanksgiving Weekend for all the options we have on how to spend it! It’s the four day pause when everyone seems to take a deep breath and relax before navigating the busy holiday season.

Thanksgiving 4-Day weekend is an opportunity to do fun, reflective, and social things to relax. Here are 10 ideas for you on what to do. With a little preplanning, you can do them all … or several of your own choice.

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    1. Spend a Thanksgiving Meal with Family or Friends. Nothing’s better than having a good meal to look forward to and family seems to bring out the best recipes – Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Pumpkin and Apple Pies with lots of whip cream. Yum! A good day to indulge in things you normally don’t eat. (Work it off with a hike later that day!)
    2. Text or Call the Top 5 People that Made the Biggest Difference in Your Life This Year. A simple text saying, “Hey, I appreciate you as one of the top 5 people that made a difference in my life this year. Thanks for _______. Happy Thanksgiving, Your Name” You will make their day special… and yours!
    3. Watch Holiday Favorites on TV. The morning Macy’s Day Parade, Football in the afternoon, and a Hallmark Movie in the evening can fill up the time preparing Thanksgiving dinner, or after the meal. Watch together, eat left overs, and have a good time. The day comes once a year. Celebrate it.
    4. Line Up Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Online Shopping. Make a list of gifts with links of holiday gifts to give and load your shopping cart for Black Friday deals. Besides amazon, you can save with coupons at RetailMeNot.com, Dealhunting.com or CouponCabin.com.
    5. Meet a Friend Friday. Meet a friend or take the family to the mall to do “real” in person shopping. Try on clothes, pick jewelry, and leave it on “Hold” so your family or friend can select from what you put aside and surprise you with something you really want. This works well with teens or picky spouses.
    6. Work at a Soup Kitchen or Shelter. You’ll gain so much more than you give by spending time helping out, giving a listening ear, and helping at a shelter or rescue mission. Put yourself in their shoes and realize what they most need is knowing someone cares. That could be you.
    7. Plan Your Year End Donations. Deliver your household and closet donations this weekend. Send all your financial donations now since charities especially need them. No need to wait until December 31 and then panic that you didn’t donate enough this year. Get a list together and give generously to places that you feel drawn to and passionate about. Be an Intentional Giver and keep a list to repeat quarterly next year.
    8. Write Your Holiday Greeting Cards. Surprise your family and friends with a photo card or write a Christmas Letter and send it by email. Send your email as a PDF with photos and updates. You’ll connect with a wide variety of people, business associates, too! Show them you thought of them.
    9. Put up Holiday Decorations and Donate What You Don’t Use. Make a newly wed or charity happy with your unused decorations so they can use them this year. Plus you’ll surprise your neighbors that you put everything up early. You store decorations 11 months of the year, so get them up & enjoy!
    10. Treat Yourself and Clean Up the House! There’s nothing better than going back to the Monday routine after Thanksgiving and being caught up at home. Catchup on laundry, mail, and get clutter piles put away. Light some candles and turn on your favorite music. It’s time to enjoy the holidays!

      So get out your calendar, call your family and friends, and make Plans!

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