Get Organized!

10 Question Organizing Quiz


Sometimes taking an honest look at our activities and lifestyle gives us clues as to where we can save time and reduce stress. In this exercise, answer “yes” or “no” to pinpoint certain stressful areas and to find out how organized you really are: 1. Do you know how long it takes you to

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Are You a Perfectionist?


Are you a Perfectionist? I am.  Sometimes I’m proud of it, and other times I have to sheepishly say “guilty.” I bet you might be a perfectionist, too, in at least one area of your life. Just last night I was filing a bank statement and decided to clean out the statements from last year.

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5 Reasons to Organize Your Closet this Week


If you have been spending too much time looking for clothes in your closet, then maybe it is time for you to organize your closet pronto! Here are 5 reasons to give you the motivation to organize your closet this weekend: 1) Your closet is overflowing If you have to rummage through a sea

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Photo Organizing Tips — 3 Minutes A Day


Does photo organizing sit on your Bucket List? No need to wait anymore. Snapping photos on your phone any time anywhere builds a digital library that’s hard to find your favorite photo when you excitedly share a story and want to show the picture. Here are 3 Minute Tips to give yourself a quick

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