5 Key Areas to Get Organized for a Better Life


If you could organize only 5 key areas to get organized, you'd have mental calm that everything is buttoned up and in order. It only takes focusing on 5 key areas to get organized and stay that way in daily life. Once you keep up on them, you'll be amazed at how calm your

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10 Tips for Spring Cleaning!


“Spring Cleaning” conjures up a mental picture of a warm, sunny day spent airing out bedrooms, washing windows, and thoroughly vacuuming carpets. It signals the passing of winter gray outside and the freshness of a spring transformation inside your heart and home. Follow these steps and you will have that

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15 Ways to Celebrate Easter!


Last week I hosted an Easter Webinar “Easter in the Holy Land” that my brother, Dr. Carl G. Rasmussen shared slides and commentary of the historical Easter events that took place in Jerusalem. It was a highlight. The webinar was well received by over 350 people! (And you can still watch it at the

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10 Things Men Love About an Organized Woman


  By Guest Writer, Marcio Benedetti. There are so many things that can attract a man to a woman. For many men, finding a woman who is organized is an absolute must. Here are some of the reasons why men are so drawn to women who are organized (from a man’s perspective): 1) An

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10 Fall Organizing Tips to Energize Your Day!


Fall is all about a fresh start and adding energy to your life by organizing a new aspect or two of your life.  Fall is when you set up a new schedule, look ahead to the holidays, and have this in between time for a quick pickup to get your life in order. I pick a new organizing

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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Routine!


This week you'll turn the calendar to October 1, but will it make a difference?This year maybe not so much... unless you take charge and consider it a Fresh Start in your "Changing New Normal!"This morning I revived a monthly pattern of writing 3 goals at the top of my monthly calendar. It felt refreshing

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