Does photo organizing sit on your Bucket List? No need to wait anymore.

Snapping photos on your phone any time anywhere builds a digital library that’s hard to find your favorite photo when you excitedly share a story and want to show the picture.

Here are 5 Minute Tips to give yourself a quick “Daily Review” to stay on top of photo organizing and have that perfect photo handy.

5 Minutes a Day – Photo Organizing Tips

1) Enjoy 5 Minutes at the end of the day’s looking at your photos. Remember you’re not creating a movie of every movement. Pick the best and “Trash” the rest. You’ll sleep better with this quick review, too!

2) Keep the ones that make you smile. If it has meaning to you, it’s meaningful to keep. Use the “Smile Test” to make decisions.

3) Keep the ones that are Social Media worthy. That’s another good rule when you hesitate on whether to keep a photo.

4) Share the best on Social Media. If it created inspiration and emotion for you, it will do the same for others. Share your story.

5) Catch up where you last left off. If you’re behind on sorting, go back to where you left off. They’re actually easier to “Keep or Go” then because they’re “aged” and you’ll know what to keep.

Double your digital photo organizing pleasure starting today – enjoy the moment and also savor the “Daily Review.” It will become more fun viewing your life through the lens than watching your friends on Facebook.

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