To pack your suitcase for a trip shouldn’t be too hard, but making the decisions of what to put in your suitcase often is. I know! I used to stay up late packing, rush to make a flight, and buckle up my seatbelt wondering what I forgot.

Not anymore! Let me show you how to pack easier without the stress. I figured it out and so can you with these 5 Tips.

1) Choose the Right Suitcase

With today’s travel restrictions. I’d suggest you pick one good Carry On size suitcase so you don’t have to pay extra fees when flying or wait for baggage when you arrive.

This size also fits compacting in your car on a driving trip. After ending up at the Chiropractor after every trip, I went to Marshall’s and intentionally purchased a 4 wheel “Spinner”. Carry On to replace my 2 wheel Carry On. Voila! No more trips to the Chiropractor and I consistently pack “my” suitcase easily.

2) Pack “Heavies” on the Bottom and Clothes on the Top

Put your shoes, hair appliances, and any gifts horizontally across the bottom of your suitcase and your clothes on the top. Why? Your clothes won’t get as crushed and the baggage handlers turn your suitcase .upside down to go up the airline ramp so your clothes are the cushion to protect the contents. A double win.

3) Pack Your Dependable, Favorite Outfits

A trip is not the time to pack a “Maybe” or “Special” outfit you’ve never worn.
Why? You don’t know if it’s comfortable or the outfit has the right jewelry. Instead, choose your favorite outfits you like wearing.
Your confidence and happiness will show up in the trip photos long after the trip is over. Here’s another source for a clothes packing list at The Trip Packing Made Easy Checklist

4) Think of Your Suitcase as Your Mini Closet

Each day on your trip you’ll be “shopping” your suitcase for what to wear. Use the four corners and sides to hold the same contents, such as: shoes in front, hangars and jewelry in back, hairbrush in right back corner, vitamins and toothbrush toiletries in front right, dirty laundry bag in back left corner, flashlight in the front left corner, clothes in the middle or hung up. Your organized suitcase during the trip will lower your stress when it’s time to get ready for the day or wind down at night.

5) Keep Your Clothes Snag-Free

There’s nothing worse than taking a favorite outfit only to find your hairbrush or curling iron plug snagged a spot in the front of your sweater! Instead, encase your hairbrush in a heavier plastic container (thin supple clear plastic) and your curling iron wrapped inside of a sweatshirt on the bottom of your suitcase. Then as you pack lay a dry cleaning bag on your bed, fold your clothes to fit the width of it which is also the length of your Carry On suitcase, and wrap the sides of the dry cleaning bag around the clothes like a Burrito. Pick up the bundle and place it in your suitcase. Clothes are kept safe and easy to unpack at your to pack your suitcase.

Suitcase packing well is one way to ease the tension getting ready for a trip. It’s basically a box and you put the compartments in the same way each time. The magic is in what you pack so you open it and feel good about what you have to wear at your destination.

When I used to stress about packing, my husband said, “Just pack it and let’s go. A trip is about the adventure of making do with what we have.”

I’ve advanced and created my “Trip Packing Checklist” I’m sharing with you and totally minimize the stress. You can too!

Here’s to Adventure once your suitcase is packed!

Trip Packing Made Easy Checklist

Trip Packing Made Easy Checklist!

Packing isn’t the problem getting ready for a trip… it’s all the decisions of what to put in the suitcase & take with you that pile on the stress the night before.

So I’ve detailed a 1 page sheet that you can download with this chart AND a Clothes Packing List. You’ll get a good night’s sleep before every trip from now on!