These 3 Organizing Tips turned into Habits will make your life so much easier.

Do you do them occasionally, weekly, or daily? Daily is Best!

If not, consciously add them to your daily activities.
You’ll be surprised how much of a difference they make.



1) Keep up Your Good Routines Every Day

Good Daily Routines include some basics like . . .

* Make your Bed and make your Day.

* Clean up the Kitchen before you Leave it.

* Put your Laundry away the same day.

* Do an Email “Clean Sweep” before you close it down.

* Organize for 10 minutes to make tomorrow better.

2) Cut Your Work in Half by Putting Things Away Immediately

One of the biggest time wasters is to say, “I’ll deal with that later.” (And when would that be?) Don’t put things down, put everything away now! You’ll cut your work in half by hanging up your clothes and not having to pick them up and put them away later.

Significant amounts of time are lost if keys, shoes, ear buds, chargers, and papers are scattered. Always put them away where they belong to avoid a panic search to find them later.

3) Learn to Love Clean Surfaces

Work off a list of reminders to do things, not piles of mail, coupons, and projects sitting out. Keep your desk and counters clear for faster focus in life.

Keep a watchful eye to put away”Daily Clutter” items by finding new homes for them in a drawer or cabinet out of sight.

My Question for you . . .

How much effort would it take to apply these 3 simple tips?
Make them a habit and you’ll be on your way to organized living.

Today’s Tip:
“If you think getting organized takes time you don’t have, think again. It cuts your work in half and gives you freedom and instant relief. Learn it now and reap the benefits for a lifetime.”

My Premise: Getting organized is the quickest way to turn daily chaos into calm control.
Practice these 3 easy tips and you’ll be on your way to an organized lifestyle!


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