My motto as a seasoned Holiday Coach and the Organizing Pro to jumpstart the busiest time of year is…

   “If you do anything more than once in life, organize it and simplify it. That’s especially true for the holidays that come year after year like clockwork!”

After staying up late Christmas Eve to wrapping presents for years, I finally figured out “The Holiday Plan” to simplify the whole season! Every year over 700 people download my week-by-week holiday calendar strategy and Master Gift List to put in the front pocket of their Holiday planning book, Simplify Your Holiday Season.  And now we all get a good-night’s sleep on Christmas Eve.

To get you started on the right foot for the busy Holiday Season,

1) Look ahead and Mark Your Calendar

Mark vacation days, holiday parties for work and neighborhood, church concerts, plays, and annual holiday events you enjoy.

2) Schedule Weekly Holiday “Prep” Time in 2 Hour Segments

Schedule weekly shopping time online or in the mall, cleaning house, decorating such as Thursday nights for shopping, Saturday for baking and decorating, and Sunday for wrapping presents.

3) Write a Master Gift List

Pull out your Gift list from last year to create a duplicate or download our FREE Master Gift List  to stay organized with your ideas, purchases, and budgets.

4) Make the Most of Your Limited Time

Combine your limited social time by inviting friends to an upcoming event and getting together for dinner ahead of time or dessert afterwards. Create a memory on one night instead of two.

5) Keep all Your Holiday Ideas in One Spot

Capture great ideas for gifts, menus, or movies for the holidays in your phone or a designated holiday notebook. This central “hub” guarantees all your great ideas in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning will come to pass if they land in one place.


Download your FREE Holiday Calendar and Master Gift List along with obtaining her Holiday Planning book, Simplify Your Holiday Season at