Here are five ways to have your own Birthday Celebration. I’m doing all five!

MY STORY about “BIRTHDAY PLANNING:” When I was in college I complained to my roommate that my husband didn’t bring me flowers or gifts on my birthday. Joyce laughed and said her mother never got them from her husband either (a Pastor) so she began to plan her own birthday celebrations. I took that advice and I’ve been doing that ever since.

1. Make It Memorable

Make a memory by thinking about what would be a wonderful day. After all it’s your day! Last year I made it memorable by kayaking on San Diego Bay with my husband one day and we painted my long desired living room and two story dining room. I’ve enjoyed the memory of both all year.

2. Treat Yourself to Ice Cream

Out of college and desperate for a job, I applied to manage a Baskin Robbins ice cream store (really!) Except I wondered, “Who would buy ice cream in the winter in Illinois?” Ice cream says “Summer” so get a double scoop! (I didn’t get the job, but that was ok.)

3. Give a Gift to Others

Each year I create a special offer for you, my email subscriber, because you are a vital part of my weekly life as I write all year. I want to help you!

4. Head to the Nearest Water

You might be lucky enough to live near water. If so, get there!
Come January you don’t want to be saying, “Why didn’t we go to the beach (pool or waterpark) more last summer?” Grab your suit and a friend to make a memory. Selfie’s encouraged.

5. Plan it Yourself!

Family & friends are often too busy to plan, so plan your own birthday. Invite a family member or friend and plan what you want to eat at Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and with who! Go to a new restaurant, go to a tourist attraction in your town you’ve never been to, or plan a dinner and new movie to watch. e sure to splurge on dessert with a candle and make a wish!

BONUS TIP: Resolve to celebrate others better on their birthday!
One leader sent a birthday card recently to someone in her group and he said it was the only one he received. Other people receive things they might be thrilled about, but be thankful for what you do receive in birthday wishes even on social media. Someone thought of you on your special day!


On my significant birthday ending in a “0,” nothing special was going to happen unless I came up with a plan.  I was reaching that birthday with mixed emotions, but tipping the scales to be slightly excited entering a new decade is a milestone however you feel about it.

Here is My “Special Birthday” Celebration that you could use as a Springboard for your Birthday!

We weren’t going to be able to travel to anywhere special like Hawaii, so I had to make it a “Home Town” birthday.

* Check in a nice hotel overlooking the water (I searched for hours to find a good one with a view in an affordable price during high tourist season.)
* Supper on a restaurant on a pier overlooking the harbor :)
* Overnight at a hotel away from home (one night) Yay!
Wake up and savor the sunrise and view
* Swim at the pool before checking out.
* Head down the coast for a fabulous “World Famous French Toast” breakfast overlooking the water in wonderful LaJolla
* Swim at LaJolla Cove with the people AND Sea Lions!
* Dinner? TBD, but if nothing turns up, then up the Coast about 10 miles for restaurant on the beach and a walk before sunset.

Sound good? I was either going to have a “Pity Party” at home, or plan my “Hometown Birthday” doing things I normally did’t take the time to do! It worked and I will always remember it fondly – and plan something like it again at my birthday ending in a “5.”

That was a wonderful Birthday Celebration I came up with without leaving my hometown of San Diego. Use it to springboard your own ideas. What would be special for you? Dream big and make it happen.

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