Are you procrastinating today? Procrastination can be a good thing if you don’t have enough information to make a good decision. But generally, procrastination looms over a daunting task that we don’t want to do however large or small.

And that’s where procrastination tendencies need a jumpstart to get us going. That gap between Intention and Action gets bigger the longer we wait. But not anymore with these 5 Tips.

  1. Leverage the Task in a Time Slot
    Face head on what you are procrastinating about and leverage the “dreaded” task right before something you want to do. Parkinsons’s Law says ‘A task expands to the time available.” Leverage it before something you want to do and push yourself to do it. Like holding your nose to swallow medicine you didn’t like as a child . . .  Do it, don’t think about it, and soon it will be done and behind you!
  1. Rephrase the Procrastination
    Instead of complaining “I really hate to do taxes,” say “I can’t wait to get my taxes done this year.” That sets your mind in motion to think about the relief and end goal once this task is done. Your subconscious is a goal achiever and will set about to remind you to finish this task. Use that positive phrase to remind yourself.
  1. Recognize Your Perfectionist Tendencies and Go for “Good Enough!”
    Often my “messiest” clients are Perfectionists. I can spot them right away because they have most of life in meticulous order, but a few other areas are a complete mess. Why? Because Perfectionists don’t start until they know the perfect way to do something. If you have that tendency, get over yourself and just take the next step toward the finish. Tell yourself you’ll come back to it to perfect it after you live with it awhile.
  2. Plan a Motivating Reward When It’s Done
    Recently I had an opportunity to shop all day at an outlet mall with a friend leaving at9 a.m.But my blog article was due that afternoon. Solution? I got up at 6 a.m. and used anticipation to write the article from 7-8:30. The reward of shopping was motivating to get it done early and enjoy the day away. It worked!
  3. Tell Your Friends
    Tell your friends or broadcast to FaceBook when you are going to do the task you’ve been procrastinating on. The social pressure of announcing it will get you into action just to prove your competence and all your naysayers wrong. Example “This weekend I’m going to clean up my garage (mail, closet, or whatever is holding you back).”

Do Your Best and Release the Rest!
Yes, just do your best and release the rest! Most successful people have a lot to do, but also have the knack of closing the loop and getting things done. Starting and finishing a task you’ve been procrastinating on is the important goal. It boosts your energy, gives you confidence, and finally that dreaded task is done!

Today’s Tip:

 “Do what you plan to do when you plan to do it for as long as you plan to do it.”- Harvey Mackay

What is the biggest task you are procrastinating on that you can do today? Set a timer, text a friend, and get it done! My regular Clients text me their Friday accountability progress. It works wonders to know someone is waiting to hear if you did the next step. Who can you text that cares about your procrastination? No one. Reach out and I’ll set you up! I care.

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