• POSTED: 11.24.2014
    Holiday Tips

    3 Tips for a Memorable Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is the official kick-off to the holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years. Being thankful is good for your health and a meal spent with family or friends can make the holiday a positive memory. It just takes a little planning ahead.

  • POSTED: 11.20.2014
    Holiday Tips

    5 Day Countdown to Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is the start of the 5 week holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. What I like most about it is we get to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday and still have 3 days of vacation after it! Here’s how you can simplify your Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • POSTED: 11.19.2014

    TWO Books for the Price of ONE!

    What’s better than getting a free Gift? Two gifts! For a limited time we are offering TWO sets of books for the price of just one – and at a discount, too! I’m feeling the generous spirit of the Holiday season and want to make sure you get this powerful book and booklet this year. And give a second set to your best friend. Start by keeping your notes this year and every year will get easier.

  • POSTED: 10.29.2014
    Holiday Tips

    Holiday Calendar & Gift List

    Get your free Holiday Calendar, Charts, and Holiday Club Classes here to launch smoothly into the Thanksgiving-Christmas Holiday Season along with a Master Gift List! Practical and inspiring resources include “Simplify Your Holiday Season” book, DVD, Coaching, Anaheim event, and national radio interviews with the Holiday Coach herself, Marcia Ramsland. Check out all these Holiday […]

  • POSTED: 10.20.2014

    Free Webinar! 5 Keys to Get Organized

    For the first time we’re offering a free webinar so you can get the 5 Keys you need to organize your time and life! You will learn where to start, what to change, and what will work for you! Have you been busy lately? Working hard and not getting everything done? Wishing there was an […]

  • POSTED: 09.11.2014

    CLASS: “A 30 Day Time Makeover!”

    In just 30 days, you can learn to streamline your day, accomplish more with less stress, manage your time easily, & live a lifestyle you love! I love to teach important life skills and I can’t think of anything more important than managing your TIME and LIFE. I’ve been asked to teach my secrets and […]

  • POSTED: 08.12.2014

    5 File Folders Save the Day!

    5 File Folders will clean up any paper pile that accumulates during the day. A portable file holder is a key ingredient for a “Personal Organizing Center.” Every home and office needs one. Here’s why. Each day an average of fifteen pieces of mail arrive in your mailbox. If you flip through and deal with […]

  • POSTED: 08.11.2014

    Paper Organizing Class!

    I love to teach anything that’s visual – organizing your home, your closets, organizing your garage, and your email. Since I’ve done all those for you already, I thought I’d tackle the granddaddy of them all – organizing ALL Your Paperwork! And I mean ALL of yours! Just think . . . wouldn’t it be […]

  • POSTED: 08.05.2014
    Personal Organization

    Do Your “Keepsakes” Make you Smile?

    In preparing for the Garage Organizing course this past spring, I went through every box in my organized garage and decided to open one particulate bin marked “Handmade Clothes.”

    I pull out all the handmade sweaters, dresses my mother and mother-in-law made for my children, who are now in their young 30’s. It was a pleasant trip down “Memory Lane.”

    I discovered the love and detail that they put into little lined cream colored jackets, box pleated skirts, and matching pink velvet dresses with white pinafores.

  • POSTED: 07.17.2014

    Give Your Boxes an “Organizing Makeover!”

    I thought I had seen it all – until yesterday. Usually my clients touch my heart with their “need” for help. This one impressed me with her “Success!” She did everything right and it shows in this picture. Here’s Ramona’s Story. . .

  • POSTED: 07.07.2014
    Home Improvement

    What’s Your Current Project?

    Do you know your P.Q. ability for personal Project Management? Your P.Q. or “Project Quotient” determines how successful you will be even more than your I.Q. or “Intelligence Quotient.” Why? Because people who know how to manage projects immediately spot time roadblocks and work around them. Or turn them into opportunities by immediately making course […]

  • POSTED: 06.30.2014

    Pack Your Suitcase like a Pro!

    Pack your suitcase like a Pro and reduce your stress by creating a master Vacation Pack List. With summer vacation trips, you might be pulling out your suitcase with mixed emotions: I love vacation, but I hate the packing! No need to stress any more when you can pack like a Pro! That happened to […]

  • POSTED: 06.05.2014

    The Survey is In!

    I’m so overwhelmed with joy that over 300 people answered my Coaching Survey! You were so kind to do so (And if you didn’t, you can still fill it out HERE before it closes at Friday 5 p.m.). The results made me more impassioned to help you have more order and less stress in your life

  • POSTED: 05.28.2014

    Coaching Project Finished!

    I’m proud to announce the completion of one of my Coaching projects, the book and website for Hope for a Broken Heart by Linda Stirling! Together we have persisted the last 3 years in writing, printing, and marketing Linda’s book. It’s finished! What a joy to present this meaningful book to you. I feel like […]

  • POSTED: 05.28.2014
    Get Organized!

    10 Moving Tips

    The words “We’re Moving!” can signal panic or possibilities once you apply these 10 Moving Tips. A move signals a need to quickly get organized before chaos descends and you are surrounded by unpacked boxes. Follow these 10 Moving Tips and you will turn chaos into calm control. I know, I’ve done seven cross country moves myself!

  • POSTED: 02.25.2014
    Digital Organizing

    7 Tips for Computer Organizing

    Are you ready for a higher level organizing step than paperwork and email, like computer organizing? For the first time, I’m going to share my secrets to successfully keep your Computer Files organized and find anything in seconds! With everything going digital, you’ll need to successfully organize your computer files or you’ll have a digital […]

  • POSTED: 02.07.2014
    Get Organized!

    3 Steps to Breeze Through Magazines

    Do you plan to relax and read your magazines, but wait so long you have to organize the magazines? Sometimes I do. Then it’s time to simplify by keeping only 1-3 articles and passing on the rest of the magazine. Check the date and keep the most recent. Have a marker handy to block out or cut out your address.

  • POSTED: 01.14.2014
    Time Management

    “Power Planning” Time Management Tool

    Recently one of my cross country clients and I incorporated one tool that doubled her monthly income immediately, raised her team’s morale, and saved dozens of back and forth email time. It reminded me of the power of planning time management tools that successful people use regularly. Today here’s the first Power Planning Tool:

  • POSTED: 01.07.2014
    Get Organized!

    10 Tips for the New Year!

    To begin the New Year or any day you want a fresh start, there are 10 Tips you can do right away. Do the one that will benefit you the most first. Remember every organizing step counts toward the overall goal of simplifying your life. 1. Get a New Calendar Keep a monthly calendar in […]

  • POSTED: 09.24.2013
    Time Management

    1 Life, 1 Calendar

    There are only twenty-four hours in anyone’s day, and you don’t need to add to your stress by feeling fragmented and having things fall through the cracks. Your calendar– a single calendar should reflect a balanced and satisfying life for you. You can start that journey by consolidating your activities through living one life on one calendar.