Kitchen cleanup can be done faster than you think. And there are only five steps to complete it in 15-minutes!

1) Clear the table and leave only the centerpiece. Load the dishwasher, collect hand-wash items, and put the leftovers away ASAP. Get the whole family involved to speed up the process. (Time: five minutes)

2) Set up a rotating family schedule for dish washing.
Wash the remaining pots and pans right after the meal before they get crusty and take twice as long to get done. (Time: five minutes)

3) Wipe off the table and the kitchen counters. (Time: one minute)

4) Put the dried dishes and the drying rack away as soon as possible. A kitchen always looks messy if dishes are continually drying on the counter. (Time: two minutes)

5) Empty the garbage and clean the floor as needed. (Time: two minutes)

Total time spent in cleanup: fifteen minutes. Now you’re finished for the evening and can do something else you enjoy! Join Marcia’s course, “Simplify Your Life: 7 Weeks to a New You!”

Excerpt from Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay That Way!